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Behind The Lens

I took this photo at a lake house in New Jersey on June 23. We had a family gathering and the three in this photo were fishing for hours. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Their mother loved it so much she got the photo printed on canvas and gave it as a fathers day gift. This photo is now hung in their home.
I remember the cookies and cake being set out for dessert around 7:45pm. Most of the crowd ran to the post dinner sweets but these three did not stop fishing!
As the sun began to set beautiful colors of orange and yellow lit up the sky. At this angle I got a nice reflection off the water from the sun sinking right behind the trees.
I used a Canon EOS Rebel XS. My main lens is an EFS 18-55mm. This camera I purchased in 2009 and has been my favorite toy ever since!
Between the determination of the young boys to catch a fish and for a father standing by for guidance and support was touching to see. As the sun set and the colors emerged form the sky it was impossible not to be moved to take the photo
I did post process. Since the images of the people in the photo were already dark I increased the saturation to bring out the orange. I then increase the the temperature to electrify both the yellow and orange.
In my camera bag
Everything in my bag travels EVERYWHERE with me. I have my main three lenses which I purchased within the same year I got my camera. The Canon zoom lens EF-S 18-55mm, Canon Macro Lens EF 100mm, and a Tamron PROMASTER 62mm UV lens. I also carry a speedlite 430EX11 external flash. So far it has been sufficient for what I need but I have been researching some new accessories lately!
When trying to capture a moment, especially on the water like this it is important to capture the right dynamic. The photo has a calming vibe to it, as the water is gentle and so are the dynamics between the children and father in the photo. The sun setting helped give warm colors and didn't wash out the main focus of the photo. Waiting for the right time of day (i.e. sun setting) is a key component to make a photo catchy to a viewers eye.

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