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nasrintorabi November 15, 2014
very beautiful !
SaintMarino November 15, 2014
Such an amazing capture...
catini November 15, 2014
Nice, congrats on your feature!
keithhallett November 15, 2014
Brilliant photo I've been trying to get some pics of red deer .
hwishnick November 15, 2014
Congratulations. Beautiful shot.
JDLifeshots November 15, 2014
Awesome capture! Congrats.
alanlarick November 15, 2014
Awesome shot - congrats on your award!
Pjerry November 15, 2014
On spot great
iceman2 November 15, 2014
Beautiful capture.Congrats!
YvonneJeaK November 15, 2014
Absolutely wonderful!
barbarabrock November 15, 2014
Wonderful shot!
Capture-Life November 15, 2014
Aawww !!! HUGE Congrats!!!
SusiStroud November 15, 2014
Wonderful capture and great clarity! Congratulations.
Cbries November 15, 2014
Great capture! congrats
AlanJakarta November 15, 2014
Cute capture. Congratulations on being Featured.
RoadKing1985 November 15, 2014
Wow what a capture...at the right place at the right time! Such clarity like their eyes are looking directly at you:) Haha:) Thanks for sharing and congrats!
AnanyaM November 15, 2014
Incredible capture!!
DMAllen November 15, 2014
Beautiful! Great shot!
Picture-It-All November 15, 2014
Perfect in every way!!!! I LOVE IT! Congrats on your well deserved feature.
zlatansabanac November 15, 2014
gondmagdi November 15, 2014
amazing capture ! congratulations !
michellemeenawong November 16, 2014
a real beauty of the nature, fantastic shot
Naeril November 16, 2014
Amazing and tender capture! Congrats!
ReneeBlake November 16, 2014
Fabulous capture !
IrishKtMae November 16, 2014
4dlewis November 16, 2014
grooming in the wild
pamelainob November 23, 2014
Wow! Great capture!
bugsysposy December 15, 2014
Wide-eyed and magical !
ReneeBlake February 27, 2015
Wonderful moment captured beautifully !
ROXXZART March 02, 2015
vivekm006 March 05, 2015
good shot. but u may use that one time oppurtunity to ur very best. keep doing best.
perrybailey March 25, 2015
mariNYC184 July 17, 2015
Breathtaking! Timing is everything, congrats on your achievement.

Ear Cleaning - White-tailed deer Fawn

Ear Cleaning - White-tailed deer Fawn
Ear Cleaning - White-tailed deer Fawn
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Behind The Lens

I took this at the NCC Greenbelt known as Old Quarry Trail in Kanata, Ontario about 2 miles from my house. I usually go there a couple of times a week
This would have been early in the morning when there is more movement of deer
The lighting here was terrible as it was overcast but dark and they were deep in the forest so not much light filtered through plus there were many branches in front of me so it took some time to find a clear shot.
I handhold my camera which is the Canon 7D and Canon 70-200 2.8 lens...no flash
I've been frequenting this forest for over 7 years where you can find bucks and fawns (I love deer) as well as porcupine, coyote and owls
Post processing was minimally done. The only thing I did was bring up the exposure, add some contrast and a touch of unsharp mask
In my camera bag
When I head to the woods I usually carry my Canon 7D and Canon 70-200 2.8 lens plus a bottle of water as I'm usually out for many hours.
Only advice I could give is head out early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the light is the best and the deer are the most active. If deer are present make your precence known. I usually talk to them or start singing, I know that sounds odd but it works for me. Walk slowly in a zigzag pattern so you are not walking directly towards them. Last piece of advice is if their ears are folded back I usually toss my hat in the air and their ears turn forward making a much better photo.

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