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loripike PRO+
loripike October 02, 2014
I love this. Very creative.
andrewkopolow October 03, 2014
Thank you!!
FictionalForest October 10, 2014
Man this is super creative, very nice!
amuschik October 31, 2014
Love it!

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Behind The Lens

After several unsuccessful attempts to shoot this indoors, I ended up shooting it shortly after sunrise in my back yard.
I finished staging this shot around 10:00 at night and tried to get the right lighting inside. Unfortunately, the shot didn't look right in artificial light, so I ended up waiting until about 8:30 the next morning to get natural soft light.
At the time, I had just recently purchased my Sony A7r and didn't have any accessories like flashes, so I tried to compensate by increasing the exposure time. It did not work out so well and I ended up getting an unwanted yellowish tinge from the artificial lights in my home. After an hour or so of unsuccessfully trying to get the right ISO/Aperture/Exposure combination, I decided early morning natural light would work best so I packed everything up and waited for sunrise. Golden Hour light in my backyard worked perfectly to give this the feel I was looking for.
This was taken just as I had started to branch out a bit from the deep bench of my Nikon ecosystem. I purchased a Sony a7R body but didn't have any Sony lenses yet and had to use a Fotodiox adapter to connect my Nikon 50mm f1.8. A mini-tripod and wireless remote rounded out the gear I used for this shoot.
This was the first staged photograph I ever made and was the result of a noticeable gap in my catalog. I was involved with a weekly photo challenge and for the most part could submit a shot from my archives based on the theme of the week, but when the "Food" theme was declared one day in early March, I had nothing. After several days of contemplation, I came across a small box of candies my girlfriend at the time had given me a few weeks earlier as a token gift for valentine's day. Not only did I win the contest, but we were married in November!
The overwhelming majority of the work went into staging the shot. I used four 1-square foot granite tiles for the ground and strategically placed broken candy to hide the the seems. It took a couple hours to break up the candy and set up the figures (they're only about a quarter inch tall). Probably the hardest part was cracking the candy underneath the construction worker with the jackhammer and adding a small sliver to the wheel barrel. This shot just didn't need a whole lot of post-processing. Minor changes to clarity and maybe some burning, but that's about it.
In my camera bag
I tend to use my Sony a7R with 50mm f1/4 prime and my Nikon D600 with a 12-24mm f2/8 wide angle. The 12-24 is my work horse and is worth every penny. It's really tough transitioning ecosystems though. Until I get enough lens variety, my camera bag will be pulling double-duty!
This photograph took a great deal of patience. I would say it took somewhere around 6 hours to stage and shoot. It was a lot of trial and error but in the end, the effort paid off. My advise is to take your time to plan a shot like this. Take your shot, make some adjustments, and repeat. If you're methodical and patient about it, you'll do just fine.

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