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rahunish April 12, 2013
cat look. nice
gunners42 June 26, 2013
Well done....nice shot!
Etna August 15, 2013
grunt16 September 05, 2013
Stunning shot
goober20101 September 13, 2013
fantastic shot
hwishnick October 21, 2013
Very interesting pose.
vesipenkova February 20, 2014
BrunoHeeb May 19, 2015
amazing shot
martinlee September 24, 2015
Love it
Eyeconic August 02, 2016
Well done - the strands of plant add excellent value to the image
Hydraulic_Designs November 11, 2017
Out of this world absolutely gorgeous
wildwoodie56 November 12, 2017
great shot
Mtneye June 24, 2018

Natalie in feline mode

My friend Natalie at a location near Derby, UK
My friend Natalie at a location near Derby, UK
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Behind The Lens

In the countryside of Derbyshire, UK, just a few minutes from Derby City.
Early evening, late summer.
Natural lighting, thin cloud give soft even light, as you can see we were close to a hedgerow and trees emphasising Natalie's lovely curves.
Camera was a Pentax K10D fitted with a Sigma 28-80mm, hand held.
My local countryside is very varied and beautiful in it's own right, but often when out walking I see a scene that with the addition of a beautiful model like Natalie would just be the finishing touch. Having said that, often I don't make firm plans. I arrange the shoot, take the model to the scene and if the model has the same creative vision as myself we will both see 'an image' in a scene and we go for it. If the model doesn't have the same vision they can be a bit, or a lot, unconvinced, but if I ask her politely she will try the idea, when they see it on the camera they usually 'get it' and love it. After that they gladly try any suggestions.
Not really. Having honed my skills with positive film, (transparency, slide), where you have to get it right at the point of shooting as there is almost no post processing possible, I am in the habit of getting it right at the point of shooting.
In my camera bag
Nowadays I use a Pentax K5, I have two bodies in fact, I'd hate to have an equipment failure during a shoot. I gave my daughter the Sigma 28-80mm. Today I use various lenses for model shoots depending on location. I also do a lot of nature work, particularly macro, so I have lenses ranging from 28 and 90mm macro's and 18mm to a 400mm telephoto. I also have a Pentax 360 flash gun for the nature work.
The best advice on this point is look carefully at a models portfolio, is she consistently good with her posing, does her style of work fit with your style. It doesn't matter whether she is an amateur or a professional, her passion for what she does is what counts. A good model for whom the results count will put up with biting flies, wet grass, walking quite a way to find a secluded spot, equally she will be prepared to take a chance on being caught out if the location is a bit public - but just too good not to try. More than anything build a good rapport with your model, be respectful of her and she will respect you in return. Sometimes a scene doesn't look that promising, use you imagination, find angles that find the best of the scene and the model. Here Natalie is kneeling on a stack of redundant telegraph line poles located at the edge of a storage area, very mundane, even a little scruffy and ugly. By my getting down low and shooting through the dried grass stems and Natalie looking away from the camera hides loses the negative aspects and gives the feeling of voyeurism. It also makes it slightly wild and exotic which suits and compliments Natalie's half Filipino ethnicity very well - work to the models strengths, the images will be good and the model will greatly appreciate it too.

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