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Matador October 02, 2014
Great macro!
Mike Blacknell October 03, 2015
Great macro composition ron
Calaya October 03, 2015
This is wonderful: you can almost listen to the dragon!
kristenearl October 05, 2015
Great composition, wonderful photo, great job!
Capture-Life October 21, 2016
Oh Ron, this is magnificent!!
My favorite buggers, lol !! :):)
Love all that green! Shhh we can't see him!

Morning Dragon





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Behind The Lens

I was actually in the middle of taking a natural light shot of something completely different when this beautiful dragonfly decided to land on a blade of grass not 2 feet from me. I laid down on the grass beside it as it was drinking some dew.
It was early morning, the grass was still wet and the sun was still rather low.
The sun was low in the sky, golden but not orange. I also just had lens and camera with no accessory lighting equipment.
Sony A99, Minolta 100mm f2.8 Macro, nothing else.
Raw opportunity, I was fortunate to be right next to a dragonfly that landed close enough that I wouldn't scare it away by laying on the grass close by.
Lightroom (Exposure adjustments, a little toning) Photoshop (Sharpening, light Dodge & Burn)
In my camera bag
Sony A99 Minolta 100mm f2.8 Sigma 50mm f1.4 Minolta 20mm f2.8 Sony HVL 60M Flash
For me the challenge of this shot was focusing. The Minolta 100mm macro goes 1:1 just under a foot from the subject. Laying on the ground and trying to move so little as to not scare away the subject while getting that perfect focus was challenging. At the same time this dragonfly wanted to migrate to adjacent blades of grass while I was was a bit of a tease. In the end, I found the plane of focus manually then when I got close enough I quickly switched to auto and pulled in the exact focus. Also note that the aperture was at f8, if I had a larger aperture like f2.8 the depth of field would have blown out the shot and I wouldn't have gotten the wings or most of the body in focus. Truth be told, the subject could have been overall sharper if I had been at f11 or higher but i did not have additional lighting equipment to go very low on the aperture and I was pressed for time.

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