Road in the Mojave National Preserve

Road in the Mojave National Preserve
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sharon1969 September 30, 2014
Great shot👍
sweetpea72 December 29, 2014
Love love love this... Congrats! ")
HelenRea PRO+
HelenRea January 12, 2015
Great image! :)))
Chrissimpson01 January 19, 2015
Lovely image of the open road, great colours.
chuckrickman January 20, 2015
This is such a great photo in so many ways. Love it a lot.

Behind The Lens

My parents Truneah and Everett came to Las Vegas to visit. My wife Gina and I wanted to take them to the Mojave National Preserve to see the great drive on the way down to Kelso Dunes. On the way Everett and my Gina wanted to stop and take a picture on the other side of the train tracks of a mountain. I've always liked the look of the red road and took the opportunity to take a few shots. I wanted something shot from down low so I used the viewfinder screen on my Canon 60D to hold the camera at a height and angle to create the composition I liked.
Late morning
The clouds really helped with the bright sun.
Canon 60D and Canon 18-135 lens
This is a small section of that is actually red. I've always liked the way it looked in the sun and unique it was. So when the chance came to stop and shoot the shot I took a few.
Did minor post processing in Photoshop of camera raw file of color luminance,saturation and contrat.
In my camera bag
Canon 60D, Canon 18-135 mm, Tamron 70-300 mm and Pro Master 11-18 mm lens
Most importantly be careful when taking a road image. The good thing about the desert is it's very wide open and easy to see for several miles. It is best if you can have somebody to help watch for vehicles. If you can hold the camera steady and your camera has the ability to angle the viewfinder so you don't have to lay in the road, use it to give you extra mobility in case you need to move out of the way. Try to set up a good composition side to side of the frame and shoot several shots from different heights and angles to get a unique perspective.

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