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Appleyes September 02, 2014
CRIKEY thats a great shot
Bazz March 03, 2016
cindyloohoo2 September 23, 2016
Just amazing...great work!

A night in France

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Merci pour les vues, favoris et commentaires, ils font très plaisir.
Bonne semaine à vous :)
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More photos :

Merci pour les vues, favoris et commentaires, ils font très plaisir.
Bonne semaine à vous :)

Thanks all for the views, favs and comments, very appreciated.
Have a nice week :)
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Behind The Lens

Even if one can see an Eiffel Tower in the background, the photo wasn't took in Paris but in Lyon.
The photo was taken at 9 pm, one hour after the sunset because before I was at the cathedral which one can see in the background in order to make sunset's photos.
The sky was totally cloudless this evening, allowed it to be black otherwise it would have been orange because of the light pollution. Concerning the bridge, it was only enlightened by spotlight at these two extremities, so there wasn't a uniform light on the bridge and I had to correct it in post-production.
This was shot using a Canon 6D and a Canon 24-105mm f4 L IS USM lens, mounted on an Vanguard Alta Pro 236AT tripod.
There was photo of this bridge in B&W, centered on the bridge to play with symmetry in my club photo and I found this bridge interesting. When I was to the spot, I wanted to play with the lines of the bridge and also to integrate the cathedral and tower in my composition.
Because of the not homogeneous lighting of the bridge I had to make two photos, one exposed for the bright area and the other one for the dark area. I also made a third photo in long exposure to smooth the river. I began in Lightroom with minor adjustments, white balance, contrast, highlights and shadows. Then I merged the 3 photos in Photoshop with layer mask.
In my camera bag
I usually made landscape and nightscape photography so in addition to my Canon 6D, Canon 24-105mm f4 L IS USM lens, I bring a flash and torch (to light my nightscape), a headlamp and an intervalometer ( for star trail). I also have a Lee big stopper filter (ND10), and extension rings (to do macro). All that stuff allows me to be prepared to most landscape situations. I also bring with me a bottle of water and a little food, because after three hours making photo I am often hungry or thirsty.
If you do night photography pay attention on the light pollution, and on the clouds in the sky. The night they take an orange tint. Google 'light pollution map' or go on to see the light pollution of the location you want to photograph. Another advice, when a scene presents areas with different lightings, don't hesitate to take a photo for every area. At least one to have details in the bright zones and another one to have details in the shadows.

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