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davbro March 27, 2013
Excellent details, light and composition!
stephy April 03, 2013
Oh thankyou nice of you to say. Thats fantastic for the PR thankyou
ChrisKIELY March 27, 2013
What a magnificent piece of machinery this is!! So beautifully captured. I just love these!!
stephy April 04, 2013
Yes its amazing plane thankyou
sweetpea72 March 27, 2013
Absolutely fantastic !!
stephy April 04, 2013
Your to kind thanks so much your kind comments
DesignByKathi March 31, 2013
excellent.. capture.. love it..
stephy April 04, 2013
to nice appricate it coming from you girl cheers.
dysonstrong April 01, 2013
Excellent masterpiece!!! wonderfully captured.
stephy April 03, 2013
Thankyou so much :))
liannejackson April 02, 2013
Love it !!
stephy April 07, 2013
Thankyou so much and for the PR you rock.
ManCorMac April 02, 2013
A great machine ...
stephy April 07, 2013
It is a great machine thanks so much for the PR so kind :)
derekheslop April 03, 2013
Great image and beautifully treated.
stephy April 03, 2013
Your so kind thankyou for looking.
Batesrc2 April 03, 2013
This is a great shot. Welcome to viewbug.
stephy April 03, 2013
Thankyou for your kind words so much I am very proud of it .
stephy April 03, 2013
Thankyou so much Brian she is my favorites! love my KittyHawk I am going to have this one framed put up on my wall with my Grandfathers medals..:))
estercastillo08 April 03, 2013
Very nice image !
stephy April 04, 2013
Your very kind person thankyou.
raghoo April 04, 2013
Excellent capture! Very nicely done!
stephy April 07, 2013
Your to kind thankyou so much raghoo :))
BrianBasson April 05, 2013
Stephy, this is phenomenal - where did you take the photo. Congrats Brian :-)
stephy April 07, 2013
I took this at a very big air show in melbourne:)
HD_EyeBallz April 05, 2013
Awesome shot
stephy April 07, 2013
Thankyou so much :)))
VKPhoto April 05, 2013
Stephy, excellent shot. Wonderful capture of vintage technology. :)
stephy April 07, 2013
Thanks so much she is a wonderful old plane love the kittyhawks and thankyou so much you have given me PR I really do apppricate it so much.
pixellimagery April 09, 2013
Beautiful lighting comp and treatment, Steph :-)) Ell
stephy April 09, 2013
Oh your so kind appricate it!!
JDJohnson April 10, 2013
wonderful shot of this it
stephy April 10, 2013
Thankyou once again John :))
Appleyes April 16, 2013
HEAVENS ABOVE that is the coolest shot
stephy April 16, 2013
Thanks so much this is my favortie shot my grandfather worked on these planes in WW2 I was lucky to get close enough to get this shot so many police around the old war birds.:)))
Appleyes April 17, 2013
i had to view this again , IT'S AWESOME , I LOVE IT
UnkleFrank April 17, 2013
You definately got my attention with this image. Love vintage aircraft. :-)
LouisaAnn April 19, 2013
Great capture & detail!
ardilla April 19, 2013
Great image!!!
rmr731 April 20, 2013
Great shot!
inge_vautrin April 20, 2013
Excellent capture!
simonpics April 25, 2013
Love all your photos !
Dezi April 29, 2013
Looks great in sepia and I love the lighting :)
stephy April 29, 2013
Thanks so much she is a beautiful old plane..:))
Chrissimpson01 May 14, 2013
Wonderful and nostalgic.
gymmybob May 26, 2013
Serendipity1 June 02, 2013
adoptedone June 19, 2013
I love this! Details are amazing!
craiglittle1 June 28, 2013
stephy July 07, 2013
thankyou very much :))
chipbhi July 08, 2013
I love this shot. I'm trying to think where this plane is at Kittyhawk.
meshersmith July 08, 2013
Great photo, stunning cockpit details!!!
hayleywarriner July 15, 2013
love this great shot
carolcardillo July 27, 2013
Good vintage shot. Well done!
Flosno August 12, 2013
Superb shot....well done
WolfEyesPhotography September 07, 2013
Great job!!
HelenRea November 18, 2013
Fantastic...great edit Stephy! :)))
onyanita November 26, 2013
nice composition and i love the sepia for this one
ctoshachjr January 23, 2014
Where did you find this darling?
Lewisia_rediviva January 29, 2014
Well -taken photo, great job!
Well done!

Kittyhawk sepia





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