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bobdee PRO
bobdee March 14, 2016
Absolutely stunning!!!...congratulations
DobermanDuo PRO
DobermanDuo April 06, 2017
ChrystalOlivero PRO
ChrystalOlivero July 27, 2017
I love your styling! Fantastic image!
bobbytaylor71 Premium
bobbytaylor71 October 01, 2018
Outstanding skill and creativity ...
Aunto Apr 18
amazing...nice shot

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my living room! I had to create a makeshift studio using my back door Windows for the light and a sheet hung over some poles for the backdrop.
I think it was around 1pm as that was when the light was just right. It was slightly overcast so the clouds acted like a natural diffuser.
I love natural light as it covers a large area and it's neutral tone is perfect for portraits like these. I did have some lights to use but if natural light is available then I wouldn't choose anything else for this particular shoot.
I used a tripod and a remote control for my D3100 Nikon camera.
I am really inspired by the young Spanish photographer, Cristina Otero. She takes self portraits and completely reinvents hear self using make up. So I thought since I have always been pretty artistic, and not just behind the camera, I thought why not use myself as the subject and completely redesign myself. I love experimenting with makeup and body paint. My mum is a body painter and I saw that she had body wax and I decided to use it to create eye ridges for the alien. I love sci fi and fantasy and just decided why not create something another worldly!
Yes! It is usually my favourite part of taking these kind of photos. I completely redesigned my eyes by making them all black, similar to how we would imagine aliens eyes to be. I also replaced the background to something soft and bright, to almost suggest that the 'creature' is peaceful. I reshaped the head and eye ridges made by the wax, just to make them look more defined and cleaner. And I enhanced the body paint colours just to make everything pop and tie in together. It was a lot of fun creating this piece!
In my camera bag
I usually have a D3100 Nikon camera and it's default lens, a manfrotto tripod, a wired remote, a 70-200 Nikon zoom lens, a 40mm Nikon macro lens and a handful of SD cards!
Just be creative! Set your camera on a tripod, cover yourself in make up and get snapping! Always keep practicing on photoshop, as I have self taught most of what I know.

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