Welston State Bank

This Mid Century Modern State Bank of Welston once towered over the Welston skyline. Billed as "the bank in the sky" the sign was salvaged and now lives in Sau...
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This Mid Century Modern State Bank of Welston once towered over the Welston skyline. Billed as "the bank in the sky" the sign was salvaged and now lives in Sauget, Illinois
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Etna PRO+
Etna August 31, 2014
NIce shot
ptrhaze October 28, 2014
Love the idea and look of the shot.
Remraf July 19, 2015
Nice shot!
DuffyDoherty PRO+
DuffyDoherty July 19, 2015
Nice concept and commentary!
tetvet PRO+
tetvet July 19, 2015
great shot, nice find, congrats
chuckrickman July 19, 2015
Fantastic image. So glad they saved the sign. Congrats on your feature.
JamesAltonPhotography PRO+
JamesAltonPhotography May 22, 2016
Awesome photo!! Is this a place with other old signage open to the public?
jackhall_9918 PRO+
jackhall_9918 June 04, 2020
Great capture! The lighting is also ideal. I suspect you waited a while to gewt the lighting just right. How do you manage to LOCATE such great subjects?
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Behind The Lens

I captured this sign at the National Building Arts Center in Sauget, Illinois
This photos was captured in the early evening.
It was a grey, gloomy day in Sauget, Illinois when I shot this image. I was hoping for some dramatic clouds, but in retrospect, I think the dull grey sky adds to image by not distracting the viewer from the subject matter.
I use a Canon EOS digital Rebel and a SLIK tripod. For post production work I use Photomatix.
The National Building Arts Center is a St. Louis based foundation dedicated to promoting public awareness on the history and role of architecture in our environment. While walking through the warehouse, I spied this interesting rusty Bank sign on the grounds and went to investigate. I remember seeing this sign on top of the old Welston State Bank in St. Louis, MO. The bank was billed as "the bank in the sky" as one had to drive to the roof of the bank for the dry through. The bank was sold and dismantled, but Larry Giles manage to salvage the vintage neon sign. I love taking photos of old rusty things.
I use Photo Matix software, HDR processing. I take 3 photos of my subject: an underexposed image , an overexposed image and one image with a normal exposure and I merge these 3 photos into one image to create a dynamic photo, sometimes with hyper-real qualities.
In my camera bag
I always carry a SLIK tripod, as this is essential for HDR processing. I travel light. Its usually my camera and a tripod and that's it.
When trying to capture rusty images, be sure to move in close to your subject matter so the rust and decay can be maximized. If you plan on doing HDR work, a tripod is very helpful.

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