Floral Chorus

Captured in Landstuhl, Germany in 2011

Captured in Landstuhl, Germany in 2011
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rmr731 PRO+
rmr731 March 15, 2013
Sweet! Great shot!
JDLifeshots October 12, 2014
Nice shot!
Capture-Life October 12, 2014
LOVE this!!:):)

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Behind The Lens

Outside of a festival hall in Landstuhl, Germany
It was captured on a late afternoon on 23 December, 2011.
All overcast natural lighting, but it was fading quickly as afternoon light does.
I captured this with an Olympus E-300 and a 14-54mm f/2.8-3.5 standard zoom lens at 54mm (with crop factor 108mm). Because of the dull lighting I used ISO-400. I normally shoot in manual mode, but chose aperture priority this time. The aperture was set it to f/3.5; the camera selected a shutter speed of 1/320 sec.
I like shooting flowers and plants, but on this day My family and I were guests at a wedding. I wasn't the wedding photographer, but I snapped some scenes. Then there was a break in activity just before we entered the hall for the reception and this is when I started a quick exploration of the surroundings. I found a flower that caught my eye, but after two shots it wasn't working for me. I tried to isolate this flower from the background, but I needed a longer lens. The call came to head inside. Just as I was going to give up, I looked again and the scene came together. There was that same flower, but joined by four others. I looked through my viewfinder and the scene literally exclaimed, "Hallelujah!" I kept looking through the viewfinder moving about the scene and then I snapped one frame and it was perfect. The vibrant colors of the flowers contrasted nicely against the dull dark winter light. I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to capture this.
I try not to do a lot in post. For this shot I used Olympus Viewer to obtain a slightly cooler white balance and Photoshop Elements for contrast adjustments.
In my camera bag
I carry in a small Case Logic camera bag: (1) Olympus E-300, 14-54, 40-150, 35 f/3.5 macro lens, an FL-50 flash, batteries, memory cards, and a cable or infrared shutter release. Also, in it's own case, a Sigma 70-200 f/2.8. I also bring a medium sized California Sunbounce and a 12" Photoflex reflector. I shot this handheld, but I normally have my Slik tripod and sometimes a monopod. For shots like this, the tripod is my De-facto go-to tool for stabilization. Lastly I have a giant hiking backpack that (except for the tripod) I stuff this into.
You don't have to be in an exotic location to create excellent photos. Many times I've found amazing things not far from my doorstep. The key is learning to see possibilities great and small. I looked through the viewfinder moving the camera about for a minute or two before I pressed the shutter. I did this not just for composition reasons, but also for "farming". There's nothing worse for me than to think you nailed a great shot only to come home and see something that that doesn't fit. A few moments of looking carefully in the viewfinder is one of the best ways to minimize this.

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