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lynettephillipsbehrendt February 25, 2013
beautiful imagery
AlisonBeyerPhoto March 05, 2013
Love it! Very cool!
cnocera March 05, 2013
The manipulation of this image is outstanding. Winner!!
FMueller March 05, 2013
tonioliviacartright March 05, 2013
Outstanding job! This is amazing!
JeffreyA March 05, 2013
Cool image
Pixelogist March 06, 2013
Thx everyone!!
cherilynnocera March 06, 2013
This image is awesome! As scary as it looks, I still wanna be driving to the top!!
anneschlueter PRO+
anneschlueter March 08, 2013
tsambaproductions March 08, 2013
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta March 08, 2013
Fabulous well-constructed image. Congratulations on being a winner.
mailsmc March 08, 2013
Cool shot!!! Congrats on your award!!
jleiweke March 09, 2013
Anoud March 09, 2013
Beautiful! Congrats
petergreig PRO+
petergreig March 09, 2013
Pixelogist March 09, 2013
Thank you all for the compliments! A lot of composting and manipulation work went into this image and I appreciate everyone noticing!
redwriter Platinum
redwriter March 10, 2013
Beautiful work. Congrats on your award. - Jake
mistyvkirsch March 13, 2013
RodneyKoch March 13, 2013
An absolute work of art. Other then the obvious, what elements of this shot are accomplished in the "Digital Darkroom"
AshleySeligPhotography March 14, 2013
Wow this is amazing!
Wayne_Sr PRO+
Wayne_Sr March 20, 2013
Congratulations ..:~)
adriennefiona March 27, 2013
nice mountains!!
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Behind The Lens

This photo is a composite that's made up of a variety of images that were pieced together, however all the photos used were shot by me and various times. The mountain range in the background are from the High Tatry's in Slovakia which were shot on family vacation. Road and road sign were shot on the back roads of Arkansas and the FJ Cruiser I found in parking lot of a local mall in Florida. And the rain bouncing of the road was shot in my neighborhood.
Various times of days, but it was important to make sure that light direction and shadows were consistent on the various elements.
Not much regarding this image.
I used both a Canon 40D and 6D with a 28-135mm lens. No external lighting was used in shooting any of the elements.
I love photoshop, I love compositing and I love pushing myself when it comes to learning the skills needed for creating a composites. After I saw the photos of the mountains, I knew there was something about them that i wanted to expand on. After messing around a little bit trying to determine the direction, I noticed that there was a little break in the mountains that looked like it should have a road going through it. So after I decided on the road, it was a natural progression to turn it into a car ad type image with a rugged 4 wheel drive vehicle braving the treacherous mountains as easy as though it were taking a "Sunday Drive", which is the title of the image
This image was nothing but post-processing. From the clouds to the grass lining the edge of the roads, everything was carefully manipulated, merged, blended and priced together to create the image. The most challenging part of the composite was the rain drops bouncing off the road surface. The rain itself was done using traditional rain streak techniques, but the rain drops were different. I couldn't think of a way to recreate them from scratch, so I just waited for a day when it rained and then shot a bunch of pictures of bouncing rain drops from underneath an umbrella. However the hard part was still to come, because I would still need to select and separate those rain drops from the background that they were shot on. I ended up bringing the rain images into Topaz Remask and spending some time selecting the white areas of the rain splashes. The reason this technique worked so week is because of the undefined edges of the selections. This allowed it to stay loose and look more realistic..
In my camera bag
I'm also a Real Estate Photographer, so I have a Pelican case that I drag around to each shoot that holds a Canon 40D for elevated shots. A Canon 6D for the main shots and a number of Yongnuo YN560 II and III Flashes. I also have a variety of shoot through umbrellas and a number of SUnpak 66OI UT tripods for the flashes.
Well, since this image is more about creating composites then capturing something straight out of the camera, my advice is a little different. When it comes to composites and using Photoshop, the more you know the better. The better you know your tools, (photoshop in this case) the more options you have available to you. For example, if I handed you toolbox that had 20 separate tools in it, but you only recognized 5 of those tools, the your limited to only what you can do with those 5 tools. However, on the other hand, if you not only recognized every one of those 20 tools, but had used them before and knew how to make the sing, then your options are limitless.

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