Autumn on the Pond

No use of any kind allowed unless you have written permission from the photographer. All photos available for licensing. E-mail for prices
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No use of any kind allowed unless you have written permission from the photographer. All photos available for licensing. E-mail for prices state use and duration and I will respond back with a photo quote.

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Flosno August 18, 2014
Beautiful capture with these it
EyeArtsbyMichael PRO+
EyeArtsbyMichael August 23, 2014
postcard material
geraldineangove June 06, 2016
gallmese October 07, 2017
so soft and natural colors! it looks real, unlike many postworked photos! congrats!
gman176 Jan 28
Beautiful colors!
davidsloan Mar 18
Rustic magic, lovely reflections :>)

Behind The Lens

Autumn on the Pond was taken on a small body of water in the Algoma District. A quiet little spot with tremendous beauty.
It was a beautiful bright day and early in the morning but not too early, just early enough to catch the last remnants of the morning fog that sits on top of the pond. The reflections were most amazing that day. It was the reflections in the water that inspired me to take this photo.
It was a bright sunny day which made it perfect for capturing the reflections in the water. There were clear blue skies no flash was necessary.
No tripod or flash and I only had at that time a S760/Samsung small point and shoot camera Aperture f/5.2?ISO 80?Shutter 1/125?
Every time I drive by this pond it inspires me to take its photo. It never looks the same and is always changing. The pond is split in two by a highway so on the other side you get part of the same pond but that part is always filled with pond lilies and flowers with the morning mist if you get there early in the morning. For anyone interested there are two other photos of the same pond taken at different times and they are called Fall 2 and Fall 4. Fall 2 shows the other side of the pond filled with pond lilies and some wildflowers in the foreground. Pond 4 shows the same version of Autumn on the Pond but with more of the foreground included to show some wildflowers and cattails and some beautiful burnt orange trees to the right.
I did brighten the photo and enhance the colors.
In my camera bag
In my bag I have a Canon Rebel SL1 / 100D, a small point and shoot camera, several lenses, some cleaning supplies for the lenses, and extra SD card, a small set of screwdrivers.
Always carry your camera with you if not the large one at least a point and shoot and be prepared for what will present itself to you. Not a day goes by that something doesn't present itself to me to be photographed.

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