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Remraf March 18, 2015
Great shot"
skakavac March 18, 2015
awesome.... beautifull...
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta March 18, 2015
Very nice shot. Congratulations on being Featured.
JamesJPhotography Premium
JamesJPhotography March 18, 2015
Amazing shot! :)
tetvet PRO+
tetvet March 18, 2015
great shot, congrats
iceman2 March 18, 2015
Wonderful shot!Congrats
FrankSomma PRO
FrankSomma March 18, 2015
Special James Allen!
Nigelcsimon20 March 18, 2015
Great shot
catini March 18, 2015
Very nice, great composition and capture. Congrats on your feature!
Timbo March 18, 2015
Very cool capture.... Congrats on the feature.... Well done
martinditchman March 18, 2015
Good work
Caswoodin March 18, 2015
nirajpkhatri March 18, 2015
wow nice shot
naomiwomack March 22, 2015
Excellent, I love it
BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb May 25, 2015
amazing shot
bhaskarbasak July 10, 2015
Absolute beauty !!!
jimhelmick July 13, 2015
Beautiful photo.
Ulysees Platinum
Ulysees August 26, 2015
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
Ulysees Platinum
Ulysees August 26, 2015
Write a commentNice!
WIll77 September 10, 2015
Well Done!

Behind The Lens

I know this will come as a shocker, but it was taken in my shower.
It was taken in the evening, but it doesn't really affect the photo that much as it was taken indoors with a flash and the natural light had no effect on it
I wish I could say something smart right now, but there really is a minimal amount of effort in the lighting :D It was an off-camera flash bounced on some walls in some random direction, coincidentally giving a decent light. For me, the light and setup is the least important part of this image
I shot this with what I believe was my old Canon 300S ages ago, with a flash standing on a foot somewhere in the bathroom
Oh boy... I am fairly sure this whole row of answers will be the worst in Viewbug history... haha. With this image I've always been tempted to make up some deep meaning and story behind it. But I don't like being phony. Inspiration was that I had never shot a shoot in my shower before, so I wanted to try it out. A girl said she wanted some photos, so I used her for it.
I did :) I believe there was some clarity involved, definitely some desaturation, and I even believe I had just started making selections for tonality changes in the background. This was taken 2 years ago, and I have been shooting for 2½ years, so nothing impressive ;)
In my camera bag
I'm assuming this is asked as if it was back then, and back then I was carrying a Canon600D and my 85mm lens. Probably also my kit lens, the 15-55mm. Very exciting :D
Hahaha. I'm so entertained, specifically because I have nothing smart to add here. If you had asked about pretty much any other picture, I would've been able to tell you so much :D But this one was one big experiment that just so happened to be decent because of an interesting crop. SO THAT would be my advise: Some pictures can become very artsy with the right crop. I also mirrored this one to create some other story, a more open ending letting the viewer imagine their own conclusion to what is going on. Or something.

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