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Behind The Lens

The image was taken at my home studio in my hometown in Slovakia.
It was evening at my studio. The photoshoot itself was very spontaneous. My friend and I were just dancing around, playing loud music and just having fun at the studio. And that is for me how the best images are made. Having fun and not thinking about it very much.
I think this was the time when I just got my first flash with my octabox so it was kind of an experiment for me. At the time I tried to find the right way for me to use the flash and to find my "signature" light. I ended up using the side light pretty much in all of my photographs after this one. I like contrast and I found that this is what works for me best. I always use just one light. One BIG beautiful light.
This was shot on my old Sony A-350 and with my Photon Millenia flash.
I am very inspired by people. I really like to take pictures of my friends. It is maybe just a year now that I started to work with professional models and I always like to go back to my friends, people I meet on the street, these are the people that inspire me the most.
There was really not much to post-process. I always try to capture the images as close to what I want them to look like after post-process as possible. But I am very much about composition. You wouldn´t believe how much time I spend cropping my photos :D
In my camera bag
I am not very into the technical stuff. Usually I have just my camera and one lens. What a newbie right? For me what creates a beautiful image is the light and the team of talented and creative people that help you.
Have fun. Don´t think about it too much. Don´t be afraid to experiment. If you have an idea just call your friends. They will be more than happy to help you. And your friends will maybe be more lucky than mine and you wont be putting tons of soap foam or black slime on their heads like I did :D To date one of my favorite photographs from my portfolio were shot with my roommates in our livingroom after work just having fun, sipping wine, music loud and just having a really goot time experimenting. But the most important element in my work still remains the lighting. As one great photographer once said: "We are students of light."

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