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Terry A. Cregan
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terryacregan-leidigh December 06, 2014
I am not sure why the blue coloring in his neck is present here, not in the original at all! Something happened in upload process I imagine!
njkerosky PRO+
njkerosky January 09, 2015
Congrats!!!...After careful consideration, judging more than 800 entries, your photo has been selected as a Finalist in the "I Love Horses" Challenge!!!

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Behind The Lens

This image was taken in Geneva, Florida where I board my horse Classic. I love taking images of him, and action shots really show the beauty of his movement.
Living in Florida can present a problem with too much sun, light and of course heat! It was a perfect day with a nice wind which added some great effect and the early sun was perfect for adding the highlights needed in his blowing mane. This also was so much fun, since Classic made a game of it running up close to me then spinning out into the field. A little game of his "catch me if you can"!
I feel the lighting of this really made this image work. The early sun was not yet high and provided the dark shadows in the wooded area surrounding the pasture. I find that shooting white against bright areas can really be challenging as Classic is white and I can easily blow out the whites especially when I have a fast horse sprinting past me. Choosing the right place and time to shoot really makes you have to think!
This image was shot with a Nikon D5000, along with my 55-300 ml lens which made it perfect to zoom out into the pasture and be able to catch the action in focus. I love my 300 for taking horse images! No other equipment was used.
I have been actively participating in a Photo A Day Challenge with an on-line group which has taught me so much! Action was of course the challenge for the day, so of course Classic was the perfect subject. He is half Saddlebred & Arabian (Half Arabian) so he can really move and show his stuff. This was fun and a challenge in it self as I am purely an amateur and learning this has brought me to new levels in my photography.
I use Lightroom to initiate the process, just to correct tonal range & color, then into Photoshop CC for additional work needed. Levels was used to bring out some of the mid tones in the horse along with a vignette to darken the edges. For some reason there is a blue tone in his chest, however, not in the original, maybe something in upload process.
In my camera bag
I always bring my 35 ml & 55 ml lens along with my 55-300 ml as this gives me an advantage to be ready to shoot how I feel. I have found the 55-300 ml lens is my favorite lens for horse images, as it seems to put everything in the right perspective and allows me to have a choice in distance & focus.
As mentioned above, using a lens with different lengths is really important when shooting horses. Being to close will give you a bobble head look, things will not be in perspective, have some distance to you and the subject and really think about what you are after when shooting. You can always zoom to get up close and using different speeds,1/500 sec or faster when shooting action will freeze the motion differently. Experiment see what you like and go with whatever you love!

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