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Wonderful shot of a serene scene just before sunset.

Wonderful shot of a serene scene just before sunset.
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tsambaproductions February 02, 2013
safirahishami February 02, 2013
great composition!
rikfreeman Platinum
rikfreeman February 03, 2013
Thank you for the comments.
srimanta April 26, 2013
Great work... I like it...
rikfreeman Platinum
rikfreeman May 18, 2013
Thank you srimanta
janoogee September 01, 2013
beautiful image and great shot of the boat at sunset.
rikfreeman Platinum
rikfreeman September 19, 2013
Thank you
photosue50 September 07, 2013
Wow gorgeous!
rikfreeman Platinum
rikfreeman September 19, 2013
Thank you Sue
michaelsaltsman September 07, 2013
rikfreeman Platinum
rikfreeman September 19, 2013
Thanks Michael
michaelsaltsman September 07, 2013
Just love sunset pix and this is the best
Clips22 January 29, 2014
Great Shot...Well Done!
michaelsaltsman February 05, 2014
just a sensational shot one of my all time fave shots awesome work rik
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Behind The Lens

Nea Kallikratia, Chalkidiki, Greece.
9.00pm (Sunset)
Due to it being a clear day, at sunset the colour of the sky was from a deep red to orange with any forgeground objects in silhouette, as the sun sank lower so the effect increased until just before the sun set there were ample opportunities to get some silhouette shots as with this image.
Camera: Canon 60D, Lens: Canon 55-250mm f4 USM at 100mm.
The location is a favourite of mine when I am in that part of Greece. As the sun got lower I decided to go for a shallow Depth Of Field shot to capture the silhouettes rather than illuminated objects. At the same time I wanted to try to capitalise on the reflections on the water to give some life to the shot rather than just a flat, shallow image with no impact. The net markers offered a focal point in the hope to draw peoples attenton to the single boat.
Just a straight convert from RAW to jpg.
In my camera bag
Camera's: Canon 60D, Canon 5D mk3 (New). Lenses: Canon: 40mm f2.8, 50mm f1.8, 24-105 USM L f4, 55-250 EFS f4, Tokina 11-16mm (Wide Angle) f2.8. Remote trigger and various filters.
If in a similar scenario and you wish to capture something similar you may find that the camera tries to adjust itself to optimise the shot and show more colour/detail than you want. Put the camera onto AV mode, select an aperture no lower than f7 or faster depending on shutter speed given, adjust the exposure compensator down a notch or two until it shows an even spread of light across the image, too much and you will get too much vignetting, not enough the image will appear too bright and not so rich in colour or edge detail.

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