Smokey Mountain Valley Field

Weather wasnt perfect, or maybe it was. =]

Weather wasnt perfect, or maybe it was. =]
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safirahishami February 02, 2013
DigitalDawn February 02, 2013
This was amazing to see and I wasnt sure if I could get that across in this photo but without a doubt it was a beautiful moment that I enjoyed and captured. thanks so much!
IsabellaD Premium
IsabellaD February 03, 2013
DigitalDawn February 03, 2013
Thanks so much, is wasnt a pretty day but this moment was beautiful
roboto February 04, 2013
Fantastic shot, the lighting is absolutely perfect, it sets a rather mythical mood. This is the kind of scenery I imagine when I think about tales of legendary heroes, or rather, this is the idyllic location where they would live before going to far-off lands to battle evil. Anyway, I'm rambling, the point is this is an amazing shot with a very nostalgic, yet adventurous feel to it, that's my opinion. Great work!
DigitalDawn February 04, 2013
No please ramble I love your analogy. Standing there I felt as though something very angelic was about to appear before me. It was as if the green beautiful hills in the middle were about to come alive with amazment. It was a great moment that I was thrilled to capture, one I am sure meant many things to many people. Either way it let the imagination shine most of all. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts Im glad you like the photo.
telimu April 03, 2013
The lighting and colors are absolutely wonderful. Well done!
DigitalDawn April 04, 2013
Thank you so much this was one shot that I felt took an extremely overcast day and made it all worth it. Appreciate your comment greatly.
pinaki May 17, 2013
Nothing imperfect about it.
DigitalDawn May 19, 2013
I dont know about all that but it was quite a site that I couldn't resist capturing! Thanks so much for the super kind comment its greatly appreciated.
Kazza60 May 29, 2013
superb composition !!
DigitalDawn May 30, 2013
Thanks, believe it or not Ive never been completely happy with this because I just dont think I could capture how amazing it actually looked but still the same I always appreciate the kind comments!
sherrymarie PRO+
sherrymarie June 27, 2013
Lovely sun rays
DigitalDawn June 28, 2013
You know me to however I never feel I can truly do them justice. Thank you so much!
blairwacha PRO+
blairwacha July 03, 2013
Suns rays are tough to capture well. You did it!
DigitalDawn July 04, 2013
You're not kidding and I never feel I can do rays like this justice. Thank you for the compliment but even this site was more beautiful.
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