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JDLifeshots July 17, 2014
Great composition! Awarded.

Mimicry, Man in Hat series





Staff Winter Selection 2015
Outstanding Creativity
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Absolute Masterpiece
Superb Composition
Peer Award
All Star
Exceptional Contrast

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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken near St. Petersburg, Russia. A couple of weeks before me and my co-author Andrey Kazakov went to a flea market to find a hat and a coat. It was quite inexpensive, so we bought them, although we didn't think of a series at that time. So by the moment we met these trees on our way to the country, we've had our requisite items behind in our trunk.
The middle of the day. I was lucky to notice it from my car window, because you don't get much to see when driving -)
The scene drew my attention because of a high-contrast picture and straight lines, I just knew I'd add a little more contrast during post-processing.
Camera: Nikon d3s, lens: Nikon 24-70, focal length: 70, f5.6, 1/40, ISO 800
Many years ago I had a dream of a man in a black coat and a hat standing in front of a rusty door of an old abandoned house. I was right behind him and had a feeling that this moment was particularly important. Time passed, but I still was drawn to go back to that moment, I've always knew I'd made this photo (though I haven't made it yet -) This is why one day me and Andrey went to a flea market and got what we needed. This is how the series started. We keep following our Man in Hat, who seems to play his own game...
I converted the image into black and white and added more contrast.
In my camera bag
I have Nikon D3S, which is huge, but among other things I appreciate in it - it's really great at high ISO, and two lenses: 24-70 and 105 macro. They both are extremely useful, although I feel if I had a long-focus lens, my set would be complete.
Keep watching and thinking . Try to think of a series, not a single photo, think of a story or an idea that you might share. If you have a chance to work with a partner - do it!

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