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kellycoventry April 19, 2015
A hairy coo! I haven't seen one since I was last there in 2003! I love the UK and miss it a lot!
mkyeo94 September 14, 2017
Great shot!

Highland cow - Dartmoor

Highland cattle are among some of the animals that roam freely across Dartmoor.
Highland cattle are among some of the animals that roam freely across Dartmoor.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on Dartmoor. A high open moorland area & national park in the South West of England. Livestock are allowed to roam free on the moors & there's always something to photograph.
I decided to spend the day photographing the wild ponies on the moor so left home about 10am. It takes me about an hour to reach this part of the moor. It was early July & good weather so I didn't hurry. After wandering around getting shots of ponies I turned around a found this Highland cow watching me. I hadn't noticed it walk up behind me. Luckily Highlands a gentle creatures & not easily spooked so I wasn't worried. By the time I took this image it was 11.30am.
It was a clear sunny day with a bit of a breeze. On the high moor you often get a haze in the distance. The cow was standing just at the right angle for the light to show up it's head & horns well.
I like to say that I travel light but truthfully I'm a lazy photographer. I only carry my camera. On this occasion it was my old one, a Panasonic DMC-FZ150.
It was an opportunistic photo. The cow appeared in the right place at the right time. My aim was the ponies but who could resist a subject practically throwing itself into the frame.
On this occasion no post processing was needed. The light was right, the subject was standing in just the right place & angle. A photographers dream!
In my camera bag
I tend not to carry much as I never know when I'm going out to take photos. I always have my camera, now a Panasonic DMC-FZ200, because it's very light weight so I can carry it about without too much bother. there is usually a tripod in the boot of my car but it rarely see the light if day.
Be prepared for the unexpected. Don't be too focused on one subject because the better one may be behind you. In my case literally! I was very lucky on this day as I also managed some great images of the ponies I had gone to photograph, the cow was an added bonus.

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