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Creek side puddle.

Creek side puddle.
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Winner in Shapes in Nature Photo Challenge
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Capture-Life July 06, 2014
it's a heart !! LOOVER It :):)
RhondaMcD February 24, 2015
Beautiful. Congratulations.
harveyjewett PRO
harveyjewett February 24, 2015
Thank you!
UnkleFrank PRO+
UnkleFrank February 24, 2015
Great shot and find. Congrats on the award, it is most deserving.

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Behind The Lens

This shot was taken on the side of Lion Creek near Priest Lake, ID.
I'd say this was shot around mid morning.
Tucked in the shade this was lit perfectly for a handheld shot.
Canon 5D MK II, Canon 24-70mm L
I was simply walking up the creek looking for good photo opportunities when I spotted this little heart in the rock. I just couldn't pass it up.
This image was first carefully processed in Lightroom to balance the exposure & color. Then in photoshop I used a copy of the image on a new layer set to overlay and applied a highpass filter to it. This brought out the subtle textures and details in the rocks surface.
In my camera bag
I generally like to carry a 16-35, a 24-70 and my 150-500mm lenses when I'm out hiking. You just don't know what you will find and I like to be prepared. On top of a good range of glass I like to have a full range of neutral density and graduated density filters to help fix most exposure issues at the time of capture.
Watch where you are stepping or you'll never know what you're passing up.

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