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Half Dome From Glacier Point 2 (1 of 1)





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TravelAmazingPlaces July 02, 2014
Wow !
Atul10 PRO
Atul10 July 11, 2014
Looks so familiar :)
Hattie August 03, 2014
I've never seen Half Dome from this perspective. Incredible shot.
THOMMAS August 07, 2014
outstanding in all phases,timing,an hard work,paying off,real good photo
snowdon PRO
snowdon November 04, 2014
Superb photograph, congratulations on your Feature
drakkardarkblade November 04, 2014
catini November 04, 2014
Nice, congrats on your feature!
iceman2 November 04, 2014
Beautiful capture.Congrats!
RichardReames PRO
RichardReames November 04, 2014
Great shot, congrats!
marilenavaccarini PRO
marilenavaccarini November 04, 2014
MaryAnne306 PRO+
MaryAnne306 November 04, 2014
Magnificent and unusual shot of a familiar scene. The colors are incredible. Congratulations on your feature!
Bruz PRO+
Bruz November 04, 2014
What amazing colors and beauty of Half Dome. You rocked this shot. It deserved the feature and congrats.
BrianaK November 04, 2014
Gorgeous color tonality and perspective. A very unique shot of Half Dome.
sweetpea72 November 04, 2014
Love this place... Stunning shot..Congrats! ")
kkat PRO
kkat November 04, 2014
Magnificent!! Congratulations!!
suzanatulac November 04, 2014
Amazing capture!!!!!
sheacam November 04, 2014
Breath taking!
SusiStroud PRO+
SusiStroud November 04, 2014
this is most stunning! Beautiful capture and color. Congratulations on your feature.
DebbieKMiller81 PRO+
DebbieKMiller81 November 04, 2014
Great shot. I love this large boulder/mountain. Well done.
gondmagdi Premium
gondmagdi November 04, 2014
stunning shot !
Bannekh November 04, 2014
Nice shot
thomaszakowski November 04, 2014
JamesBitrick November 04, 2014
Absolutely stunning
Shulie1 November 04, 2014
Awesome shot!
TayHunter18 November 04, 2014
Wonderful job!
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta November 04, 2014
Terrific close-up. Congratulations on being Featured.
geoffclark November 05, 2014
Nice work
JamesBitrick November 05, 2014
Oh wow! Fantastic image. Great work. Look like I'm looking at my Mac desktop. lol
JoseV November 05, 2014
Wow, absolute favorite. I've been on the top of this one. Great shot.
Lesjam November 06, 2014
Stunning!! Are you a rock climber?
tmoscatello November 11, 2014
This is one of my favorite places and you have captured it very well. Nicely done.
Scout330 PRO
Scout330 November 13, 2014
Fantastic shot!
FJWalker PRO+
FJWalker November 19, 2014
This is a special shot of one of my favorite places. Very nice.
cmcbella December 03, 2014
Beautiful. Love Yosemite! We visit often.
CLG_ February 17, 2015
Fantastic work!!!
judyhorton March 06, 2015
A great shot; it caught my eye because my grandson uses this image as his screensaver on his computer.
MikeHiggins PRO
MikeHiggins March 11, 2015
Great work, well done.
Meghanshaw April 10, 2015
I've been there. And it is just absolutely beautiful! That is a great picture!
colljan May 10, 2015
Hood May 29, 2015
Love this shot - been there and this shows it is it's full glory!
carolcardillo PRO
carolcardillo June 15, 2015
Beautiful.... Congrats on your Awards!
georgekremer December 15, 2015
One of my favorite spots! A classic view beautifully captured!
lynjan March 07, 2016
love the picture......we visited Yosemite in June 2010 and what a beautiful place to be......we are from South Africa......you really have done justice to the area.....well done. i will put some pics that we took onto my profile.....
georgekremer April 06, 2016
Iconic shot. Great to see a new view of one of my favorite places. Well done!
erinmcnulty February 06, 2019

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken from Glacier Point in Yosemite National Park. Glacier Point is a look out spot directly across Yosemite Valley from Half Dome. This was the first time that my wife and kids had ever been to Yosemite even though we live about an hour and half away.
This photo had been taken in the evening hours. We had spent most of the day on the valley floor and on our way out of the park, I saw the sign for Glacier Point. By the time we got to the overlook, the sun was beginning to set which made for a spectacular view and photos.
Because of the time of day, we had a great sunset view of Half Dome. The setting sun made for a great shot because it helped with the shadowing on the rocks and the pinkish coloring in the clouds. The best lighting for photos at this location would be either sunrise or sunset.
I shot this pic with my Canon T1I. I used a 18-55mm f3.5 kit lens set at 1/10sec @ f8.0 and an ISO of 400. I also used a tripod.
This was the first time that my wife and kids had been to Yosemite and I wanted them to see the spectacular views that the park has to offer. We had spent most of the day on the valley floor, which has great photo ops, but not of the cliffs and mountains. When we got to Glacier Point, my son jumped out of the car and told me that this was the view that he had seen on the internet and that it was the one he had been waiting for all day. I knew then that I had to get shot for him. Seeing the excitement on his face and knowing that he would want to remember this family trip inspired me for this shot.
Yes there was some post processing done. I don't like to over process my landscape pics. I like them to be as natural as can be and what I remember them looking like. I used lightroom 5 to sharpen the image and to add some Vibrance and Saturation to bring out the colors that I had seen.
In my camera bag
I like to travel light when I am moving around in the mountains. Nothing is worse than carrying a bunch of equipment that you are never going to use while hiking through the mountains. On this trip I had my Canon T1I along with three lens' and a tripod. My lens' include a 50mm / 18-55mm / 55-250mm.
There are spectacular views in and around Yosemite National Park. The key to a shot like this is the time of day and the time of year. I took this in the evening during the summer. With the setting and rising sun the view and colors are better than a mid day shot would be. During the fall and winter, the colors in the surrounding tree line are different especially with snow on the ground and dark clouds in the sky. A mid day shot might be better. I would research the area that you want to go to and look at other pics taken during different times of the day and year.

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