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ovosphotography June 12, 2014
TJagannath July 04, 2014
lovely composition, good work
Timbo July 16, 2014
Fantastic energy.... Tells a great story.... Awarded.... Great job
jorisj August 17, 2014
ElenaParaskeva August 17, 2014
Thank you so much! Love some of your landscapes...
stamatispappas September 05, 2014
Great photo, and B/W makes it more dramatic!
birdlover54 September 05, 2014
What a superb capture! It really draws you in with it's story line!
samarjyoti September 13, 2014
abijur September 16, 2014
ElenaParaskeva September 16, 2014
Thank you so much for all your kind comments, I really appreciate it!
Celtic April 23, 2015
wow, fantastic shot!
ptrhaze May 20, 2015
Love this shot...powerful....
annalisaaa June 08, 2015
amazing photo!!!
Landdsheppard December 14, 2015
Top shot well done
tonysheldrick December 24, 2015
This looks like a man who has lost his Iphone, very emotional
lwhinzman December 30, 2015
Great image of emotion. Looks like Obama on one of his good days.
MikeW December 31, 2015
epic shot full of emotion!
1964moose January 06, 2016
Excellent image
johnthekanerkane January 08, 2016
Great sharpness in the face blends well with the spray/droplets' motion blur.
PrysyazhnyyOleksiy November 07, 2016






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Behind The Lens

In my house and the subject is my husband.
I placed by a very large window to take advantage of the bright light.
I used my Nikon d5200, nothing else.
My husband is in a heavy metal band and he is extremely expressive when he is on stage. I wanted to recreate the emotion.
A lot with this one actually. I overemphasized and even added wrinkles and flaws to enhance the rawness of the image and I added a texture to give the feeling he was outdoors in the snow.
In my camera bag
3 different lenses, a zoom, a 50mm 1.4 prime for portraits and an ultra wide for landscapes. Also ND filters such as the 3-stop and the 10-stop and a CPL.
Find a very expressive model. You have to start with a good image to be able to take it to the next level in Photoshop. Using textures can give an image the extra punch it needs.

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