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Pick Me Please.....

Puppies up for adoption at the local shelter.

Puppies up for adoption at the local shelter.
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118 Comments | Report
carolcardillo PRO
carolcardillo September 27, 2012
Great! I'll take the 2nd one from the left! Or the 4th one. Maybe the 5th...
DustinsMom September 27, 2012
How adorable, wish I could take them all.
DustinsMom September 27, 2012
Serendipity1 September 27, 2012
Very nice! I wish I could get the 6th one from the left!
j_oconnor84 September 27, 2012
Adorable shot!!!
luvmtnlife PRO+
luvmtnlife September 27, 2012
One? Who could take Those faces...adorable! I am the one who would bring all of them home and have some serious play time, for the next 16 or so years. Wonderful, Wonderful shot!!!
Gilbert PRO+
Gilbert September 27, 2012
Fantastic shot which should find them all homes! Cute.... Steve :~)
phyllisburchett PRO+
phyllisburchett September 27, 2012
Thanks to all, thankfully they all have new homes!
heathergreen September 28, 2012
Adorable, beautiful image!
rachmonte September 30, 2012
I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rachmonte October 02, 2012
Voted! Good luck!
JDLifeshots October 02, 2012
Adorable shot! Very hard to get. Voted.
Shavonne22 October 02, 2012
So cute !! nice work :)
Serendipity1 October 02, 2012
Beautiful! Voted
achal_shah October 02, 2012
ooh so cute! very nice composition and color!
ArtQ October 03, 2012
fantastic, voted!
raghoo October 06, 2012
Lovely and beautiful shot. Voted!
melapeld October 06, 2012
GREAT shot, not sure how you were able to do it! Voted.
joebaxter October 06, 2012
Classic shot. Nice work.
phyllisburchett PRO+
phyllisburchett October 06, 2012
Thank you so much everyone for the comments and votes!
Khrich409 October 07, 2012
Fantastic work! Kudos! Voted!
josephmangiacotti October 10, 2012
Great Picture! How did you every get them to stay still?
phyllisburchett PRO+
phyllisburchett October 10, 2012
Thanks guys....I had 3 handlers and a very fast shutter!
Wayne_Sr PRO+
Wayne_Sr October 14, 2012
Very cute!
carolcardillo PRO
carolcardillo October 24, 2012
YAY FOR YOU! Congrats! I still want the pick of the litter!
Woombaway PRO+
Woombaway October 24, 2012
Congrats very cute but sad they are in a shelter.
tsambaproductions October 24, 2012
snowdon PRO
snowdon October 24, 2012
They all have different characters, this is such a wonderful photograph, congratulations on your feature
lisawiza October 24, 2012
oh my days!! how sweet is this!! adorable image congrats
ltj PRO+
ltj October 24, 2012
I wish I could have them all.CONGRATS
LizOSullivan October 24, 2012
Great shot. Don't know how you managed it. I have one dog and it is quite difficult to get a good shot of her.
beetlestone October 24, 2012
Congrats! Great shot!
annthedane October 24, 2012 adorable! :)
inka October 24, 2012
Wow! Great! How did you manage to arrange them like that? With the black one sideways on the right.. Amazing!
photosbyboes October 24, 2012
OMG! This just made my morning! What a fantastic capture! Congrats on your feature:)
ChristinaFreak October 24, 2012
Very nice! I want one!!
GBloniarz PRO+
GBloniarz October 24, 2012
Congrats, not only on your well done photo, but, for your patients with the puppy line-up!
iceman2 October 24, 2012
mailsmc October 24, 2012
Congratulations on your feature Phyllis!!!
jenbmama October 24, 2012
just a super shot! wonderful, and congrats :)
tetvet PRO+
tetvet October 24, 2012
congrats, that sad face is sure to break some childs heart
rmr731 PRO+
rmr731 October 24, 2012
Great picture!! Congrats on Featured!
LoreenSwann PRO+
LoreenSwann October 24, 2012
At the shelter!? Who could just give up all those cute puppies!?!? WANT the little guy on the end (on the right!)
(Congrats on being featured!!!)
Amiqdadi PRO+
Amiqdadi October 24, 2012
so cute....great capture,congrats:)
DustinsMom October 24, 2012
Congrats on your award!
disneymamom PRO+
disneymamom October 24, 2012
Looks like someone got picked! congrats on feature! blessings...
helen_marie October 24, 2012
B-E-A-Utiful! awww look at the eyes on 2nd from the left!! *sending biscuity snuffles!*
bernieyoung October 24, 2012
nice shot, congrats
robyng October 24, 2012
Fabulous. How in the world were you able to get them all to be still long enough. Priceless! Those little faces are so lovable.
Carli October 24, 2012
aaaaw, this is gorgeous and i love the title too! congrats :D
catini October 24, 2012
Cute, great DOF, congrats on your feature!
bilalshreif October 24, 2012
wonderful shot! that look on their faces as if they are making you feel pity to adopt them !!! specially the second one from the left! incredible. they literally posed for your shot! Good job!
cycyak1 Premium
cycyak1 October 24, 2012
Soooo beautiful! Congrats!
phyllisburchett PRO+
phyllisburchett October 24, 2012
Thank you so very much everyone for your wonderful comments and to ViewBug for the feature!!! Thankfully all eight were adopted within days of taking this photograph.
estercastillo08 October 24, 2012
Congratulations !!!
simonpics PRO
simonpics October 24, 2012
Congratulations !
mturnau PRO
mturnau October 24, 2012
love this !!
Photogermic106 October 24, 2012
Wow this is a great I am impressed that they stood still long enough for you to take the shot! Love it!
Jewel October 24, 2012
So cute!! Great shot, Congratulations on your feature!
akhtarkhan October 24, 2012
Incredibly amazing, fabulous looking and exquisite capture......well done. Congrats on the feature.
cilla8 October 24, 2012
Adorable!!!!! Congrats on feature!!
stillmovingphotographs October 24, 2012
nice capture
Happy5 October 24, 2012
Love it congrats!
mclaybaugh PRO
mclaybaugh October 24, 2012
I'll take all of them. wonderful image.
nerophoto October 24, 2012
Adorable!!! I want to take all of them home!!! Congrats on a beautiful photo and feature!!!
TAHammer October 24, 2012
Adorable, great capture, congratulations on your feature
Chaddikat October 24, 2012
Oh my goodness I want
nitti October 24, 2012
A 10 on the cuteness scale....congrats
fotogalmexican PRO
fotogalmexican October 24, 2012
send all ten my way
danissumawijaya October 24, 2012
wow.. nice ekspression, nice moment
glburghart October 25, 2012
awww how cute. great capture.. Congrats...
phyllisburchett PRO+
phyllisburchett October 25, 2012
Thanks to all for your wonderful comments! Please like my business page on FB at
photomomma October 26, 2012
fantastic capture
carolyn_anderson_860 October 26, 2012
Love this picture, What a great picture! Award given & following!
DogArtist October 26, 2012
Superb photo! Aw-dorable pups too. Congrats :)
phyllisburchett PRO+
phyllisburchett October 26, 2012
Thanks so much everyone for the wonderful comments!
jamiestrong76 October 27, 2012
Stunning!! :-)
ManCorMac October 29, 2012
Nice shot.
LeahStewart October 29, 2012
They are too cute! Great shot :)
rameshsambathkumar October 30, 2012
how cute...!!! brilliant shot...
jesusfreak3520 October 30, 2012
Beautiful capture! Congrats on the feature!
phyllisburchett PRO+
phyllisburchett October 31, 2012
Thank you so very much everyone for your wonderful comments!
redwriter PRO
redwriter October 31, 2012
Amazing capture. Congrats on your feature. - Jake
andrei_bilibau_3130 November 01, 2012
awesome shot!! :)
avguzzi Premium
avguzzi November 01, 2012
love this good luck!
desertpagan November 02, 2012
What a beautiful capture of these gorgeous puppies!!
NinaKling PRO
NinaKling November 06, 2012
love this!!!
photosue50 November 07, 2012
Awwwww, love this
CB1985 November 11, 2012
Fun Capture. Congrats on the Feature.
miltongomes November 17, 2012
Wonderful picture. I know how hard is to get all them together for a great picture. Congratulations. Visit my site (under construction):
sayan200517 November 17, 2012
wow !!
babcia November 19, 2012
IsabellaD Premium
IsabellaD January 10, 2013
STUNNING shot, such adorable little ones!awarded/favorite
rg5858 PRO
rg5858 January 10, 2013
I want them all!!! Great shot
wkrt83 PRO+
wkrt83 January 10, 2013
:) way cute and tack sharp
Casper February 07, 2013
Superb. 2nd on the left is to much :-)
ak8996a March 01, 2013
photosue50 March 02, 2013
So adorable!
jojoxena March 08, 2013
Darling little creatures.Hope they all found loving homes,well done on a great shot.
fencherch March 14, 2013
beautiful shot!
jrsosky May 21, 2013
That is a cuteness attack! Great shot.
JennyS May 23, 2013
This is my favourite of all your work :)
JacquesV June 17, 2013
Too cute :)
fotogalmexican PRO
fotogalmexican June 17, 2013
I predict this will be a feature page one it
photosue50 June 18, 2013
Wow, gorgeous
tammyswarek June 20, 2013
Wonderful image!
MaryAnne306 PRO+
MaryAnne306 July 11, 2013
Majorly adorable! Glad to hear that they all found homes.
gaylelittle August 12, 2013
how did you get them to ALL stay in one place!!?? Great Capture!
BrianpSlade September 03, 2013
What a lovely line up....great shot!....well done!....Brian
journeyer50 September 17, 2013
Too cute , love them already and thanks for sharing , C
Capture-Life June 05, 2014
bahahahhaaaaa SOOO stinkin' CUTE !! :):) I'll take you all !! :):)
kathyallison PRO+
kathyallison August 22, 2014
Love, love, love!!!!!
Memorablephotosbyanne November 17, 2014
great capture!
_5838 June 07, 2016
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
Rafaphoto PRO+
Rafaphoto January 03, 2018
Rafaphoto PRO+
Rafaphoto January 03, 2018
Merlot January 20, 2018
How did you manage this incredible image drilled like an army and all in a line amazing
bobtoye PRO+
bobtoye July 20, 2018
Love the sad eyed pup at left, the one at attention in the middle and the one at far right, who obviously prefers his profile view. Great catch. Dunno what kind of pups these are, but they’re gonna be big!

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Behind The Lens

I do photos for a local rescue organization and this was taken at one of their Foster Homes in the horse barn.
Soft Natural light with the hallway of the barn as a backdrop.
Nikon D3s, 70-200mm F2.8 Lens at 100mm F8 SS 1/250 ISO 1100 no flash or tripod....I was laying on my stomach to get this shot and needed to be quick because they didn't sit still long (they were headed for me!)
I'm a sucker for animals but who doesn't love a cute puppy! I had been working for this rescue for a year or so and it seemed that when I took photos of the whole litter together the adoptions came in quickly, better than when they posted individual photos. I still do each puppy alone but the group shot is a must. The group as a whole seems to get a bigger OMG, how adorable and aww factor. I'm happy to say these puppies were all adopted within a week of their photo being posted on Facebook.
Basic adjustments in Photoshop and NIK tonal contrast only on the puppies and darkened the background.
In my camera bag
I always have my Nikon D4 with a long lens attached and my Nikon D810 with a wide angle attached when I do a shoot. I do a lot of Equine Photography so I always have my 70-200mm and 24-70mm along with the 80-400mm and 14-24mm in the bag. I have two Nikon SB910 Flash with stands I use for Off Camera Flash. If I'm shooting wildlife the 600mm lens goes along with my Gitzo Tripod and Wimberly.
Have lots of helpers, patience and a fast shutter! Before the shot I had 3 helpers (puppy wranglers) hold the puppies in place, then quickly step outside the frame so I could start shooting. They hadn't been outside much so they were a little cautious about moving quickly and that worked to my advantage. I just fired away hoping I might get at least one good shot!

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