Yellow Dragonfly

Dragonflies are important predators that eat mosquitoes, and other small insects like flies, bees, ants, wasps. (wikipedia)...
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Dragonflies are important predators that eat mosquitoes, and other small insects like flies, bees, ants, wasps. (wikipedia)
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RoseSmith September 07, 2012
I LOVE it... the colors r superb!!!
Carli September 07, 2012
amazing macro shot! so vibrant and crisp :D
DigitalFragrance September 07, 2012
Very nice!
Pedro September 08, 2012
Muito bom!
DustinsMom September 09, 2012
Absolute masterpiece!
katejholton September 09, 2012
Fabulous Macro Photo wonderful contrasting colours
carolcardillo PRO
carolcardillo October 13, 2012
Wow! What a photo! Congratulations on your Feature!
tsambaproductions October 13, 2012
HoResPhotography PRO
HoResPhotography October 13, 2012
wowww speechless
PhotoAlaska October 13, 2012
weldone ..beautiful congrats
kingo62 October 13, 2012
Stunning photo.;-@
rkperry215 October 13, 2012
Nice shot!
EllaW October 13, 2012
INCREDIBLE MACRO!!!! congrats!!!
wildmanaz PRO
wildmanaz October 13, 2012
Congrats on your FEATURE
SarahKeates PRO
SarahKeates October 13, 2012
Lovely macro! Congrats!
arunmozhi_btech October 13, 2012
amazing shot :)
mailsmc PRO+
mailsmc October 13, 2012
Congrats on your feature!!!
eskimotwila October 13, 2012
MACROLICIOUS!!!! Congratulations....well deserved
cilla8 PRO
cilla8 October 13, 2012
Gorgeous colors, congrats on feature!!
iceman2 October 13, 2012
Excellent capture.Congrats!
snowdon PRO
snowdon October 13, 2012
Special photograph very detailed with a great bokeh. Congratulations on your feature
mstoltz1022 PRO+
mstoltz1022 October 13, 2012
congrats on the feature!
cynfrosty October 13, 2012
Amazing Dragonfly shot!!!
ZachRosa October 13, 2012
Amazing shot!
nitti October 13, 2012
GBloniarz PRO+
GBloniarz October 13, 2012
Commendable recording indeed! Congrats!
edadamos October 13, 2012
disneymamom PRO+
disneymamom October 13, 2012
Congrats on feature! Great shot.. I love dragonfly photos.. :-)
bernieyoung October 13, 2012
great macro, congrats
estercastillo08 PRO+
estercastillo08 October 14, 2012
very nice, conrgrats
Pichu14 October 14, 2012
Amazing Macro!
SusiStroud PRO+
SusiStroud October 14, 2012
Beautiful Macro Shot!! I had never seen a dragonfly with such a colorful head. Congratulations on your Feture!
rajeevalochanperubhotla October 14, 2012
nice shot ,Congrats
DustinsMom October 15, 2012
Congrats on your featured hall of fame.
Woombaway PRO
Woombaway October 16, 2012
Congrats that is an amazing capture
BLSPhotography PRO+
BLSPhotography October 16, 2012
Awesome Macro
jesusfreak3520 October 22, 2012
Love the detail in this shot! Congrats on the feature!
Waleska PRO
Waleska November 05, 2012
like it
sayan200517 November 17, 2012
wow !!
maryamfaisal December 07, 2012
maryamfaisal December 10, 2012
GusGregory February 12, 2013
stephy May 06, 2013
This is a great capture amazing Macrophotography :)))

Behind The Lens

In Sintra, Portugal in a lake called Blue Lagoon.
I went there quite early, but the dragonflies only began to appear near the 10 am.
In time, because as I do not to use fill flash, the light at 10 o'clock in the morning was just the right spot. It was a day with clouds and minimized the higlights which often makes our task difficult to achieve a technically correct photo. Between 12 and 3 Pm, the light at this time is very hard.
The camera I used was my second camera a Sony DSC-W55. This little compact that unfortunately broke down, it was very useful for some macro shots given its ease of use and focus with one hand, and of course when the insect allows you to get closer. I made two or three shots at close range and chose the best. The technique is simple, you have to get close in stages, and firing until the insect get scared and go away. Very slowly, you can get really close ... with a DSLR you need to use at least a monopod...
Well, I'm a lover of nature, and when I can, I go around looking for something to shoot. This lake is a good place to find this kind of subject to fill the frame of your camera, my goal is to show people that God's creation do not stop at what is created by man, there are a lot of small or large things most of us do not give the importance that it deserves, and if you have the chance to get close, it changes the way we look at it next time. I am one of the lucky ones to have a camera and some lenses and do what I like most, taking photographs...
Normally, I use Photoshop to correct something, but very lightly, giving more contrast and adjust composition using the Law of thirds.
In my camera bag
My bag is composed by: 1x Nikon D60, a 40mm Micro Nikkor lens, a 180mm Sigma Macro lens, a set of macro tubbing, a SB600 Nikon Flash, a 18-150mm Nikkor lens for normal shooting, a 10-20mm Sigma lens for Landscape and a tripod.
Macrophotography is for people with some degree of patience, is very time consumming and if you whant to have success you need to follow some rules... macros is a get close photography, then please get close. For that you need to have macro equipment. A macro objective is a objective that can take 1/1 photographs at least, I mean life size photos. You can achieve results without it, but if you need to chose betwen magnifying macro lenses or extension rings, prefer extension rings, is better than more glass in front of your lens. The subject needs to have a very sharp focus, and believe me, you need to train yourself to achieve it, by clicking, clicking, many times, preferable manual focusing... for nervous insects, you need a objective that allow you to have a 1/1 image from a reasonable distance, that you can not get with the compact, thats the reason for my 180mm macro objective. Before you shoot and if you can, look to the bacground, and move to get the less distracting point of view, very slow if you have a nervous subject and your focus needs to make your subject to stand up, dont forget that you need to get to is eye level, using a shallow depth of field to blurry the blackground given a nice bokeh. Photographing a fast insect, you need faster shutter speeds, but you can achieve great photos using a slow shutter also, try and change your POV if you can. For some subjects you need to think fast. A compact is nice as a 2nd camera, is possible to achieve very good shots with it, but you need to find the correct one for macroshots. Good luck.

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