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tsambaproductions August 18, 2012
Appleyes August 18, 2012
very good
Redcow August 18, 2012
Nice shot!
senka August 19, 2012
cool shot
DearTam August 19, 2012
Oh Wow! I love the energy of this shot! Great cold weather capture! Peer Award.
stefanmunneke August 24, 2012
Thanks for that!
GBloniarz August 19, 2012
Your usage of light is very effectively apparent through-out your gallery, and this one is with no exception! Very pro!
stefanmunneke August 24, 2012
Thanks, that's very kind!
katelynlopez August 19, 2012
Ah thats sick :) awesome shot. Keeping living and loving
stefanmunneke August 24, 2012
Hehe thanks, I will..
Shelly365526 August 19, 2012
Really cool!
angel_pina-santiago_7861 August 19, 2012
very nice love this picture
Alesta August 19, 2012
kellybean96 August 23, 2012
wonderful shot, i love the way you use lighting in your work. this is my favorite of yours.
stefanmunneke August 24, 2012
Thanks, I'll be uploading some more soon
tsambaproductions September 02, 2012
PhotoAlaska September 02, 2012
very nice
kellybean96 September 02, 2012
oh look, its me coming back! great shot (again); i have good taste. hahaha congrats!
xckristen September 02, 2012
This is absolutely stunning. Wow.
achal_shah September 02, 2012
wonderful photograph!! fave!!
rkperry215 September 02, 2012
Very nice shot!
Jazz September 02, 2012
Great Photo Congrats
BINCPHOTO September 02, 2012
Cool picture! congrats on feature! :D
Shavonne22 September 02, 2012
awesome ! love it :)
gyps76 September 02, 2012
Great shot...congrats!
iceman2 September 02, 2012
Beautiful capture. Congrats!
joeyg September 02, 2012
great job, congrats
murcuduca September 02, 2012
:D Congratulations!
dlanyer84 September 02, 2012
cool ! congrats!
cherrib September 02, 2012
HELLO GREAT NEW DAY ~ I eally, really like this shot and the emotions it evokes, I'm LAFFIN and gigglin, thanks so much ~
tetvet September 02, 2012
nice shot, congrats
PSJPhotography September 02, 2012
Congrats on feature!
JoeyValverde September 02, 2012
very nice!
Carli September 02, 2012
lovely shot! congrats :D
bobbynall September 02, 2012
Awesome shot !!!
nitti September 02, 2012
pamelaweatherly September 02, 2012
very nice
jillericbryden September 02, 2012
Great Shot!
Amiqdadi September 02, 2012
nice shot...congrats
Casper September 03, 2012
Congrats, great shot
dutchmanstl1 September 03, 2012
Trash518 September 03, 2012
GBloniarz September 03, 2012
It simply needed due time to receive this recognition! Congratulations! Jerry
redwriter September 03, 2012
Great capture. Congrats. Jake
Marian September 03, 2012
Cool shot!!!Congrats on your feature!!!
Shelly-MichelleM143 September 03, 2012
This is excellent.
ManCorMac September 04, 2012
disneymamom September 04, 2012
congrats on feature~
sonya_corley_939 September 05, 2012
great capture of one beautiful place in nz!
jesusfreak3520 September 06, 2012
Great shot! Congrats on the feature!
KarimHddd September 08, 2012
steve2 September 29, 2012
Great Image, Wonderful Mood, VOTED! and Fave! I hope you stop by and take a look at my Work plz Vote if you like them. Truly Your's Steve Augle,
Kazza60 March 17, 2013
Fantastic shot
Hari_Subagio May 20, 2013
great , stunning capture uniqe
EWPS June 18, 2013
krista72 June 21, 2013
Timbo June 21, 2013
Great capture of the energy and the atmosphere.....
henryswim1 July 11, 2013
wow thats cool
juliebowser August 18, 2013
A very different image of the church matey... well done! :)
lindalaird August 18, 2013
Brrrrr, that just looks COLD!
CrazyCameraLady October 11, 2013
A real feel good shot, love it!
texaaronpueschel December 15, 2013
It's simply mathematical: 3 entries = 3 great images = 3 votes.
Joey_Howard December 15, 2013
Nice great composition love the lighting and shadows just an all around great photo well done
rmr731 March 21, 2014
Cool shot! Congrats on being a finalist!
ArtQ March 22, 2014
Congrats on your finalist award.
Rl1956 April 01, 2014
congrats on runner up, remarkable shot
AlanJakarta April 01, 2014
Terrific image. Congratulations on being a Runner-up.
ArtQ April 03, 2014
Congrats on your Runner-up Award.
SuperT22 April 11, 2014
very nice
FrankSomma May 11, 2014
Neato stefan!
gondmagdi October 02, 2014
fantastic shot !

A cold morning in Tekapo, NZ





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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in Tekapo, New Zealand. Depicted is the church of the good shepherd, a beautiful small church with a stunning view over a lake (lake Tekapo) and mountains. There are heaps of photo opportunities in the area, but the church is by far the most popular by photographers, and thus I wanted to create a picture that would tell a story about the area, but also would reflect the fact we were having a good time traveling New Zealand in the winter.
We were traveling in the winter and I knew that early mornings would give us good picture opportunities. When we got to the church, the ground was still frozen and the sun was still quit low at the horizon.
Natural light is all I used in this picture. I wanted to create silhouettes against a stunning background. But also use the casted shadows in my shot to give it some depth. To get the silhouettes, you need to shoot against the sunlight and use a short shutter speed. It actually would have been cool if I could have back flashed the people to actually see their faces, but at the time I did not own flash.
Key to this picture is getting low to the ground. However I did use a tripod (I am the guy on the right) so I could setup the shot the way I wanted to and then get in the picture myself, and trigger the camera with a wireless remote. The camera I used was a Canon 550D with a Tamron 18-300 mm zoom lens.
The light, the church, but mostly the frozen ground. We were shooting some silhouette poses, and the we thought these poses would create something magical. Something about worshipping Nature, the beauty of it. Embarking the sun on a cold morning in Tekapo, New Zealand.
Yes, but minimal, in order to make this picture more dramatic, I applied some more contrast, and worked on the white balance a bit. But the hard work is in framing the picture. This just takes a bit of practice and time on the location to get the shot you want.
In my camera bag
I am still shooting with my canon 550D. When traveling I like to use my zoom lens, however, recently, we got an 8 mm fisheye lens, which is so much fun (you can get whole building, entire landscapes and funny people all in one picture!) Also the tripod goes everywhere, even when we go up the mountains, the tripod is a key feature in my photography. My tripod is nice and compact, light and thus easy to take with me ( I reckon this is something you should be looking for if you don't have one). And then I always bring my remote trigger, this allows me to be in the picture myself and thus create more meaningful pictures when you get back from a field trip or holiday. Nowadays, I also own a canon speed light 430EXII flash.
Yes, totally get out there and try some early morning photography. Especially in winter, with the fog, dew, frost and things like that. Walk around for a bit before you start photographing around, you really want to get an idea about the environment and the conditions, before you start clicking away. In case of silhouette photography, depending on how many people and the mood in the picture, is would say the sky is the limit...

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