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sisirakumarabandara March 04, 2013
Very Beautiful..
mdriley00 May 10, 2013
Very nice
t33tjt July 09, 2013
Beautiful, the birthplace of civilisation, but then I am bias being half Greek Cypriot.
Redcow July 13, 2013
Beautiful shot!
DeadEye July 25, 2013
disneymamom July 26, 2013
very very nice shot..and edit
wonderwoman627 September 09, 2013
This photo is absolutely beautiful.
princessdi6305 September 22, 2013
onyanita January 31, 2014
wow...very impressive!
lisagallant August 17, 2014
R4eal nice.great picture!

The Athens Acropolis, Greece

A 20 second exposure @ F/16 on 100 ISO transparency film
A 20 second exposure @ F/16 on 100 ISO transparency film
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Behind The Lens

In Athens, Greece from the hill opposite the Acropolis.
Evening, exact time I cannot remember.
No lighting other than that coming from the Acropolis.
Praktica MLT3 35mm negative film Camera. Cosina 70 - 210mm F4.5 - 5.6 Zoom Lens used at about 100mm focal length. Tripod. Shutter Release. Kodak ISO 100 Elite Chrome 35mm transparency film. The camera was on the "B" shutter setting and the lens was set at an aperture of F16: I took various exposures of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 seconds - and the 20 seconds' exposure was the best.
The way the Acropolis is beautifully lit in the evenings.
Transparency scanned on an Epson Flatbed Scanner and image then edited in Adobe Photoshop CS4.
In my camera bag
I cannot give a proper answer, as the equipment I take in my bag varies and depends on several aspects including where I am going and the photos I intend taking.
Always have your camera firmly on a tripod, your ISO / shutter speed / aperture / focusing should be set in manual mode and not any automatic mode, take multiple exposures which will ensure that you get a reasonably correct exposure and take your time between exposures to avoid any camera shake.

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