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mstoltz1022 July 29, 2012
Hahaha...love it!
Duff August 23, 2012
kayacloud September 01, 2012
how the heck???
Willsy September 01, 2012
:D Love the response Kaya! What your seeing is the actual landscape, I asked my partner to put her hands up in mid air and lean slightly forward like she was in front of a wall, then i took the same shot in a completely different location with a similar stance but against a white wall instead. I copied her shadow pattern and merged it with this shot and here's how it came out. :)
mikeevans March 22, 2013
I love that you explain how you arrived at your final edit in a lot of your photos, really gives others a great insight of new things to try :)
Willsy April 11, 2013
Thanks very much Mike! I really appreciate your feedback, I like to share how I arrive at my ideas because I'm often in the same boat wondering how others do their shots. Photography is collaborative not competitive, that's what I and most likely many love about it as a hobby.
Chavis72 August 19, 2013
What I cant figure out is.... when you took the shadow from the white wall.... how did you make the shadow appear on the landscape and rid the white wall?? Did I ask that correctly?? lol
Willsy August 27, 2013
Haha! Yea I got what you meant lol. Actually it's a very simple few steps in Photoshop, because I used a white wall and the shadow was quite dark it worked kind of like a green screen in movie specialFX so it was very easy to select the outline of the shadow and cut it from the white wall and paste it over the landscape, then I just changed the blend mode of the shadow layer to 'luminosity' and the shadow adopted a dark transparent look allowing the landscape to peek through, from here I just tidied up the edges and lined the shadow up with her body. Blend-modes, layers and masks are three very simple but extremely powerful tools that Photoshop has, I cannot recommend learning them enough. :) I hope that all made sense.
paoloagati January 03, 2017
Duane_Watts January 15, 2017
At first glance this confuses the mind! I immediately thought photo editing program as you have explained in your comment replies! This is one of the most original "surreal" shots I've ever seen, fantastic concept and very inspiring!
N1RPHOTO April 25, 2018
Thank you for explaining! Great mind

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