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Casper July 27, 2012
Marvelous long exposure shot
Willsy July 29, 2012
Thank you very much Casper =)
rkperry215 July 27, 2012
Nice shot!
MariposaRosa July 27, 2012
Superb job! Beautifully composed!
Willsy July 29, 2012
Thanks a bunch for your praise =) It means a lot.
tsambaproductions July 27, 2012
chipbhi August 23, 2012
sktaylor August 24, 2012
Very nice composition!
desertpagan September 01, 2012
What a stunning image! I love this!!!
kasper September 26, 2012
amazing. Who is the master that inspired you ?
Willsy September 27, 2012
Thank you Kasper! :) This was partly inspired by Jackie Ranken, a multi award winning professional photographer from Queenstown, New Zealand. She's well known for her artistic approach to B&W photography. This photo was actually meant to be completely black and white but by pure accident I clicked the mouse and some of the original light color filtered through, I liked the result so much that masked out the lights because it made the image so much more eye catching.
shadowpixel September 27, 2012
Super capture, love it, well done!
lejulo September 27, 2012
je dis oui!
Redcow October 08, 2012
IsabellaD November 20, 2012
Great shot !
LeighAnnC November 27, 2012
quite lovely! voted
tsambaproductions November 28, 2012
murcuduca November 28, 2012
Woombaway November 28, 2012
Congrats on feature beautifully captured
Congrats on feature awesome
BrianpSlade November 28, 2012
A superb Composition PERIOD!!!
Great mood/softness/light all rolled into one excellent shot....nice treatment too I may add.
Congrats..Brian (Brize)
CecilyH November 28, 2012
Carli November 28, 2012
excellent shot, congrats :D
ManCorMac November 28, 2012
PhotoAlaska November 28, 2012
catini November 28, 2012
Beautiful shot, very emotive. Congrats on your feature!
rmr731 November 28, 2012
Absolutely stunning! This is so gorgeous! Perfect shot! Congrats!
rachmonte November 28, 2012
NICE! Congrats!
Coomanator November 28, 2012
What a beautiful shot. Congratulations on the feature.
ericrincones November 28, 2012
Very nice photo
tetvet November 28, 2012
nice shot, congrats
simonpics November 28, 2012
Love it Congratulations !
Ujjwal November 28, 2012
Lovely. Congrats.
iceman2 November 28, 2012
Wonderful capture.Congrats!
akhtarkhan November 28, 2012
Very effective lighting, fantastic composition....very well capture. Congrats on the feature.
symphony5 November 28, 2012
wow!great shot...reminds me of horror movies,and somehow reminds me of "midnight in paris" too! :D congratz
jamiestrong76 November 28, 2012
Very nice!!
DanielCombsPhotography November 28, 2012
Brun0 November 28, 2012
congrats on ur feature, stunning image
SarahKeates November 28, 2012
Gorgeous shot! Congrats!
joshuatw November 28, 2012
Great shot!
trista7510 November 28, 2012
Beautiful, nice shot.
nitti November 28, 2012
Moody and dramatic...congrats
ltj November 28, 2012
COOL,COLD,look, I love it,CONGRATS
Redjule November 28, 2012
Stunning capture! Congrats!
TAHammer November 28, 2012
Wonderful Capture, Congratulations on your feature
CanadianOutlaw November 28, 2012
Awesome shot, congrats !
GBloniarz November 28, 2012
Dido to all of the above! Congrats for exceptional work!
NinaKling November 29, 2012
Sorry - spell check gone wrong - great leading line - love the lighting - congrats
corproadie November 29, 2012
Amazing! Congrats!
GRACECAPRI November 30, 2012
great capture!
Willsy November 30, 2012
Thank you everyone for your praise and feedback, It all means a lot :)
simonpics November 30, 2012
Click !
kgornia December 01, 2012
wow, you captured the fog so well
Photomonk December 01, 2012
Awesome! Congratulations
snowdon December 02, 2012
Congratulations on your well deserved feature.
chriswhitelaw December 03, 2012
wondereful image!
Emerald_Wake December 04, 2012
Congratulations for featured,
You deserved it

ardilla December 04, 2012
Very nice shot! Congrats!
katelyn_marie December 05, 2012
Beautiful shot!! I just got into long exposures and hope I can do something like this one day!
HappyTree December 05, 2012
This is lovely!
Wayne_Sr December 05, 2012
Love the fog! Congrats!
maryamfaisal December 07, 2012
nemanja_1996 December 08, 2012
Made my day. :D
safirahishami December 28, 2012
love it
FMueller December 28, 2012
Stunnin shot! Looks awesome!
mloiz January 06, 2013
Amazing shot!!!
Antonio_Leao January 19, 2013
Great. Congratulations on your feature!
lynnemk January 27, 2013
awesome shot.
Byce_Photography February 08, 2013
Byce_Photography February 09, 2013
I absolutely love this picture! It is very mystical, great shot!!!
Vance64 February 22, 2013
Great looking image. Well done
RuthAnn14 February 28, 2013
Awesome exposure i voted
photosue50 February 28, 2013
So cool!
redwriter March 02, 2013
Beautiful work. Voted. - Jake
photosue50 March 15, 2013
Redcow March 29, 2013
Very nice image!
Blue-Maddness March 31, 2013
Mysterious. Great Job!
billycondiff April 04, 2013
Great photo!
steveclayton May 06, 2013
Another great shot, you have some amazing art work!!
robyn_king_52 May 07, 2013
gorgeous shot!!
Jamie235 May 24, 2013
this is very neat! great shot
Chavis72 August 19, 2013
mfayne August 23, 2013
Magnificent shot, absolutely brilliant
becapics November 25, 2013
Nice shot!
MaryAnne306 February 27, 2015
An unusual and beautiful shot. Very interesting reading about how you did it.

Grey Light

A very Noire setting as a result of the thick wintery smog caused by smoke from home fireplaces. It envelopes our small town every winter....
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A very Noire setting as a result of the thick wintery smog caused by smoke from home fireplaces. It envelopes our small town every winter.
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo just on the outskirts of my hometown Alexandra in New Zealand next to the main highway leading into town, Google earth latitude 45°14'24.86"S and longitude 169°22'33.55"E.
It's was late on a Sunday evening, if I can recall correctly the time was about 10pm.
I didn't use any artificial lighting because the lighting was already incredible this night, seldom do we get such still nights with such dense fog. Because of this dense low fog every light source bled into the darkness around it making for such a gloomy yet stunning scene.
I used my trusty old Canon EOS 550D with 18-135mm IS zoom lens on a tripod with remote trigger.
So many things! The lighting, the mood but I particularly liked that it was a simple compartmentalized scene. The silhouetted trees on the left provide some lovely fore-ground patterns drawing your eye into the image whilst the street lights and car lights on the right beautifully fade back beyond the trees drawing your eye back across.
Yes this photo does contain a small degree of post processing. Firstly I bumped up the contrast and adjusted the levels to deepen the shadows and make the silhouettes more crisp. Secondly I felt the image was too vibrant and red because the glow of the orange lights bounced off everything so I made a black & white layer on top of the original. I wasn't satisfied with an entirely black & white finish because the lights no longer popped so I started playing around with other filters until I accidentally brushed some of the black & white layer mask which brought through some of the original red layer underneath. I knocked the glowing light bulb off the top of my head and went to work masking around only the lights so the original colors bled through into the black and white layer and finally I had a result that really jumped at me.
In my camera bag
I normally pack my bag according to my needs on the day but when I take everything my bag will contain my Canon EOS 550D and 18-135mm IS zoom lens, a bounce flash for those dimly lit areas, a remote shutter trigger for when I need the steadiest of shots, my very handy B-Grip belt, my tripod when/if I need it, a variable ND Grad filter and UV filter, lens cleaning kit, two spare batteries and a spare SD Card.
Be patient and observant, I walked around town for 4 hours this night. I was heading home when I spotted this scene so I was lucky it caught my eye. Also don't just shoot because it looks good try to think of ways to make the scene more interesting, look around you. In this case the scene was beautiful in itself but I still decided to add more by waiting to shoot only when cars passed through the scene, this added a nice abstract line of light that compliments the rest of the photo. Lastly and certainly not least, don't over think or over do your post-processing. Post-processing can make or break a photo so think of it like makeup, dab it on don't cake it on. And one more thing, using transparency masks in Photoshop will help save time and give incredible flexibility over touching up your photos. Masks are honestly one of the simplest and effective PP tools at a photographers disposal.

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