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JDLifeshots July 13, 2012
Beautiful capture!
mambo1957 July 24, 2012
wanda_krack_2038 July 31, 2012
Don't you love sun rays and capturing them with the camera!!
PSJPhotography August 22, 2012
Very lovely capture!
annthedane August 22, 2012
Fabulous shot...lovely colors and a great DOF!
DustinsMom August 23, 2012
Oh my goodness, I feel as if I am standing looking out at this wonderful view.
Just incredible photography!
desertpagan August 25, 2012
Wow! What a stunning image! The sunlight on the mountains is beautiful! Well done!!
Cindi_Tonkovich August 30, 2012
Awesome, Don! Love the contrast.
rkperry215 August 30, 2012
Beautiful shot!
Serendipity1 August 30, 2012
Very nice!
j_oconnor84 August 30, 2012
stunning photo
maryhale9534 September 03, 2012
Beautiful capture! :)M
helen_marie September 05, 2012
Love this photo! Amazing details in both land and sky! Lovely colours!
dutchmanstl1 September 05, 2012
iceman2 September 07, 2012
Great capture with excellent focus from foreground to background with that beautiful color harmony!
DigitalFragrance September 07, 2012
Beautyful sky!
mclime September 07, 2012
Beautiful, love the light rays!
Jonocon September 07, 2012
Very Nice
inge_vautrin September 26, 2012
This is so beautiful...fantastic image!
DestinieTraver September 26, 2012
Beautiful colors, beautiful view. Very nice photo!
Cindi_Tonkovich September 28, 2012
Love this! Great shot.
Woombaway November 07, 2012
Beautiful capture Don love the colours
tsambaproductions November 07, 2012
Barbarakeichel November 30, 2012
great picture
kasper April 08, 2013
Great shot.
Deborah April 08, 2013
Great shot!
KathrynSanford April 19, 2013
AndreaE April 26, 2013
Stunning capture, Don!! Beautifully done! Congrats on your Award : )
Rl1956 May 01, 2013
Flosno May 09, 2013
Beautiful composition....deserved the award
marcelfens May 09, 2013
thumbs up from me as well!
shema May 10, 2013
such rich warm colors and light, wondeful view, great shot!
KarenRoberts May 15, 2013
Incredible view! WOW!
GBloniarz May 15, 2013
Very vivid and beautiful scene! Congrats! PS. An elevation of this photo might be the elimination of the very minimally included fencing?
pamm16 June 06, 2013
Gorgeous!! I love how the colors pop but they don't overwhelm the scenery! Do you sell prints?
SarahKeates June 19, 2013
Superb shot!
Akang_Bagja June 19, 2013
precise July 25, 2013
I love that!
flyingelkphotography August 15, 2013
Lovely shot, Don! Great DOF and then again, the magnificent colours! Just crop that fence out and you'll have a masterpiece that no one would be ashamed to have on their walls.
Juliamclean August 18, 2013
Your DOF again just puts you in the picture.......great shot of these very beautiful mountain ranges.....and congratulations!
tissa7 August 20, 2013
i don't know where you live, but these places are gorgeous!
Chichoe August 31, 2013
love it love it love it
sweetpea72 August 31, 2013
Amazing, Don!! :)
jenniferkrieble_5126 September 12, 2013
I love a lot of your pictures... i could get lost in your pictures too.. they are so beautiful
Duff September 21, 2013
Beautiful View!! WOW! Congratulations on your Thumbs Up!!!
princessdi6305 October 10, 2013
Stunning capture Don :)
lizziemellis October 14, 2013
Awesome shot (:-
KayBrewer October 14, 2013
OK, I've gone thru all your photos. I'm humbled. Great photographer and great editor.
debbiekeithhellems October 17, 2013
WOW is all I can say here!! Looks like what heaven must look like :) Now I know where to go to take pics and not too far away from me either :)
SnezanaPetrovic October 21, 2013
djensen October 21, 2013
So very beautiful!
LacyLynn October 22, 2013
Beautiful breath taking capture. Man I miss the mountains =..
becapics October 22, 2013
Beautiful shot!
susanhuckins October 23, 2013
Gorgeous capture. Love the way it leads the eye way out to the mountains. Susan
Jeanne713 October 25, 2013
Absolutely gorgeous!!
SusanB October 29, 2013
Amazingly beautiful! Another awesome POV
Charmaine700 November 01, 2013
This is just too beautiful!!
MOLLYSP November 01, 2013
Wow oh wow I missed this one my first time looking at your work.
Perfect with the suns rays coming through the clouds, the shades of golds in the foreground, makes for a great scene.
photosue50 November 01, 2013
Gorgeous shot!
birdlover54 November 01, 2013
Absolutely Breathtaking!
rmr731 November 11, 2013
Absolutely stunning Don! Love everything about this shot.
Gaydee November 12, 2013
Beautiful shot !
KayBrewer November 18, 2013
wow- it glows! voted Tamron contest
MELISSA_BARRERA December 04, 2013
heathermcfw December 31, 2013
lovely, the light is wonderful.
Minediie January 07, 2014
wow, this is beautiful :)
jessicalowthorp January 08, 2014
I love this photo! You have some pretty good skills yourself!
AnneDphotography January 11, 2014
gorgeous ... breath taking ... just pure beauty :))))))
lindaprime January 30, 2014
Congrats don, beautiful image.
maureenrueffer February 07, 2014
What a pretty photo!
AnnuO February 10, 2014
Absolutely beautiful soft colour tones. The sky seems to be made out of velvet.
laurenkaymyers February 19, 2014
This is just amazing. I want to be there. The composition is excellent as well as the beautiful lighting.
Joebo March 11, 2014
Nice shot mate. Joe :-)
SarahKeates March 19, 2014
Beautiful shot, Don!
Blue-Maddness March 22, 2014
Great Capture, Congratulations!
sweetpea72 March 22, 2014
A BIG Congrats to you my friend :)
Capture-Life March 22, 2014
WOWIE, my friend.. incredible capture..and a well deserved Thumbs up :):) congrats!
kentuckygirl61 March 26, 2014
Wow! What a gorgeous shot!
Snappin-shots March 28, 2014
absolutely gorgeous!!!! :) :)
Beautiful-Breeze March 31, 2014
This is incredible. Love Love everything about it! Stunning. :-)
Arzhtatiana March 31, 2014
A great shot!
Chilly_fingers April 04, 2014
Really well shot!
Candl4 April 23, 2014
Wow! This is absolutely beautiful, Don! Excellent skills. :)
CatNap June 09, 2014
Stunning capture!
Karine June 10, 2014
You have good perspective eye!
tinekeziemer June 17, 2014
KatieMcKinneyPhotography August 11, 2015
Beautiful view!


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