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smswolf July 12, 2012
Thats a great shot !!!!
ornani July 12, 2012
beautiful shot
rissagirl88 July 15, 2012
wow this is beautiful
GRACECAPRI July 30, 2012
DearTam July 30, 2012
Beautiful. Peer Award given!
pamela09 July 30, 2012
Sergei August 03, 2012
That's the most glamorous horse I've ever seen! LOL
garthurdavis August 08, 2012
Fantastic photo ! ! ! Gorgeous horse ! ! ! Great creative thinking ! ! ! Added to my FAVORITES ! ! !
aprilrena August 10, 2012
Wow... beautiful!
wendi_yvonne_1842 August 10, 2012
huckbucket August 16, 2012
only pony iv seen! interesting take on the contest(:
Emerald_Wake August 20, 2012
I like portraits too, so i give some award from me:)
very creative hairdo! bravo
desertpagan August 20, 2012
A beautiful image!
FrankSomma PRO
FrankSomma September 01, 2012
Very impressive image and in BW it just goes up a notch. Nice work (can I call you jesus!?)
kayacloud September 01, 2012
j_oconnor84 September 09, 2012
absolutely stunning!
lucliz PRO
lucliz September 09, 2012
Stunning shot - you should enter it in "hair" too - Beautiful capture!
AnjiJ September 11, 2012

Please feel free to check out my photo in the contest and vote if you like it
adoptedone September 17, 2012
Wow, amazing! Favourite for me!
WolfEyesPhotography PRO+
WolfEyesPhotography October 02, 2012
What a lovely photo...
Dezi October 09, 2012
Beautiful horse and absolutely stunning locks!!
Shavonne22 October 14, 2012
wow ! beautiful :)
arunmozhi_btech October 14, 2012
wow !!!!!!
tsambaproductions October 15, 2012
Chaddikat October 15, 2012
very beautiful...picture and horse !
Redcow October 15, 2012
disneymamom PRO+
disneymamom October 15, 2012
congrats on finalist!
Frostwings October 15, 2012
Gorgeously captured.
Wayne_Sr PRO+
Wayne_Sr October 15, 2012
Well done! Congrats!
DustinsMom October 16, 2012
Congrats on your award.
stripeymittz October 16, 2012
Gorgeous - depicts the horse as a truly gentle and composed animal - great in b&w! Its got my vote!
JAC08857 October 17, 2012
Congrats!!! Beautiful
Remyluver October 21, 2012
Beautiful shot! And gorgeous horse!!
littlefrostie February 05, 2013
SkyMayPhotography February 23, 2013
tkdmomkm March 08, 2013
Beautiful Horse!
KelceyJean PRO
KelceyJean March 31, 2013
So beautiful! Voted!
mailsmc PRO+
mailsmc March 31, 2013
Great shot! Voted
photosue50 Premium
photosue50 April 06, 2013
Angela_Lewry May 15, 2013
stunning :)
SherranAndersen September 02, 2013
ArtQ September 03, 2013
Congrats on your finalist award in Photoshop World Las Vegas Contest.
sarahallegra PRO+
sarahallegra September 03, 2013
This is so stunning! Exquisitely ethereal. Congrats on being a finalist!
gyps76 September 05, 2013
amazing!!! LOVE!
KelceyJean PRO
KelceyJean September 05, 2013
What type of backdrop did you use for this photo? Was this done in a stall?
ErinJ September 10, 2013
What a stunning horse, beautiful capture, love it!!!
Ushine September 10, 2013
Amazing! Beautiful!
Hooheis September 11, 2013
This horse looks so sad. Great photo.
jleiweke October 29, 2013
FrankSomma PRO
FrankSomma November 17, 2013
So special freak!
Avi-Avivi PRO
Avi-Avivi November 23, 2013
Fabio's horse :). Awesome image!

Behind The Lens

I took this photo while touring an Andalusian stables in California, near San Francisco. It was one of those "chance" shots where the horse seemed to pose just for me. I have taken some photography classes but I mostly just take photos as a hobby. It was during one of my classes I sought out a few ranches and asked to photograph for them. This was the first ranch I visited, the Ranch Of Fortune.
This is defiantly one of my favorite shots. It was taken in mid afternoon on a hot California summer day in April 2012. Later, I got to photograph this horse and a few others in a more open enclosure. I wasn't expecting to get such a wonderful shot while the horse was still in the barn but (as one of my favorite breeds) I couldn't resist snapping away while his owner unbraided his long mane.
The lighting was actually much darker than I wanted, especially when that slowed my shutter speed drastically. When taking the shot, I was worried it wouldn't come out at all, because there was such limited lighting. While it was mid afternoon, the major lighting entering the stall only came from one corner (which is what enables his beautiful profile). I would love to say I had lighting equipment but alas, I had none.
I used a Canon Kiss (or Canon T2i equivalent). My settings were 1/100, f/5.0, and ISO 400. I used a 70-300 mm lens for this particular shot. In retrospect I should have had a shorter distance lens but horses don't wait for you when you're photographing them. They often seem to say, "It's now or never". I was worried the image wouldn't come out, due to the low light and horses are not known for holding still, and because of that worry I was delighted to see how well it took.
Inspiration..inspiration. My inspiration tends to follow animals. Horses were a perfect subject for me to start on because of my love for them. This particular breed, an Andalusian, has long been one of my favorites and easily reminds me of long forgotten days with knights and their warhorses. They always seem to appear royal in my eyes. During the summer of 2012 I researched and called several stables hoping to photograph their beautiful animals.
I sadly do not have a dark room for processing (that is however, something I hope to add to a future house).
In my camera bag
My equipment consists of my one camera, and usually 2-3 lenses (An 18-55 mm and a 70-300 mm lens are my favorites and most used).
Take tons of photos! Know your settings, and reserve the checking of your images until after you're done. Too often, I've stopped to check out my shots and missed the better pose, step, etc. In my experience, animal photography is all about patience and lots of snapped images. I would also recommend figuring out that one thing that you just can't wait to photograph and going for it. Before summer 2012 I had never taken photos of show horses. It was just something I knew I'd have a blast doing. If this is something you want to do, reach out, contact people. It never hurts to ask. Find your niche. And last but not least, practice, practice, practice.

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