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Barbarakeichel November 25, 2012
Serendipity1 December 03, 2012
Very nice!
iBurn December 03, 2012
Great capture!!!!
debzee December 03, 2012
wonderful capture
rayzich December 03, 2012
MRSY December 04, 2012
matej007 December 04, 2012
Nice capture!
LouisaAnn December 04, 2012
Great capture ... voted
carolyn_anderson_860 December 08, 2012
Wow awesome shot, I hope they don't plat too rough.
maureenlight December 12, 2012
pinkyogurt December 16, 2012
Epic! -insert dramatic lion king music here-
patsimmons December 16, 2012
great shot!
desertpagan December 19, 2012
A spectacular capture with excellent detail!!
NinaKling December 20, 2012
great shot!!!
joebaxter December 21, 2012
darrinbanfield December 21, 2012
VictorySong December 22, 2012
This is so beautiful! And I love that it's soft.
xavierw December 25, 2012
Great capture
VivienneB December 25, 2012
stunning capture!
Carli December 25, 2012
brilliant shot! nice timing! :D
Redcow January 02, 2013
Great shot!
mloiz January 06, 2013
Great capture!!!
ashley_christine January 09, 2013
unbelievable shot!
rmr731 January 10, 2013
Great capture!
Fee_Easton January 21, 2013
super timing, great shot
Casper January 22, 2013
Wow Impressive!!
ericrincones January 30, 2013
Wow! This is awesome!
bradyedgar January 31, 2013
awesome photo
ThompsonsPhotography February 04, 2013
Great Shot
redwriter April 03, 2013
Great shot. Voted. - Jake
KarenRoberts May 08, 2013
Oh you I am sure your bark is worse than your bite! Well done!
TomK September 20, 2013
Great capture :)
cmorisset August 30, 2014
Great capture!
davehutchins September 21, 2014
Great Capture
frankjrosetti November 25, 2014
Hope this turned out well for both. Voted!

Oso & Carabella on the Ice

Oso and Carabella engage in some fierce play on the ice at Shelburne Pond, Vermont

Oso and Carabella engage in some fierce play on the ice at Shelburne Pond, Vermont
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Behind The Lens

This image was taken on the ice at Shelburne Pond, Shelburne Vermont.
This image was taken at 5:07 PM on 2/10/12
This image was taken under natural light, during an overcast winter evening which provided beautiful diffused even lighting.
This image was taken hand held, using a Pentax K5 camera with a SMC Pentax FA 50mm f/1.4 lens, with an aperture of F/1.6 at a shutter speed of 1/1000th of a second with an ISO of 80.
A lovely winter afternoon on the ice at Shelburne Pond, I had taken my Shelties Oso and Carabella out for a walk with a new purchase of a FA 50mm F/1.4 lens to try out, and while watching my dogs romp and play, I captured this image of their lighthearted roughhousing.
I Used Photoshop CS 5 to process this image by adjusting the contrast, vibrancy and white balance of the image to make it seem a bit "cooler".
In my camera bag
I shoot using Pentax gear, using a K5 and K3 camera to capture images. I have a wide variety of both old an new glass, and I put as much into my bag as I can carry whenever I go out.
Always bring your camera with you! This is an image that was captured on the fly, as happens when dogs romp and play. I always try to stay on the same "level" as my dogs when I'm shooting them, as they are Shelties and are actually really rather small dogs, so by staying low and at their level, or shooting slightly up, they appear much larger than they really are!

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