jgalarza70 June 05, 2012
PhotoAlaska June 14, 2012
czar1213 November 07, 2012
Ugly and nasty
czar1213 November 07, 2012
A woman's body is a work of art, no matter of which. You show no curves in the thighs, boobs,ribs, neck, legs and feet. The arms look like sticks supporting two bags. Show more definition of curves of the body in all parts, open the hands, pucker or open the lips just a little, show a little light coming thru areas (when not using color). The arm blocks the hip too much
photoshack November 08, 2012
It is interesting to me that you are so passionately critical when every single photograph you have on your page is awful, lacks photographic skills, and repetitive in that respect. It would take me far too long to apply the same level of critique to your many improperly white-balanced duck images, underexposed photos of something indistinguishable, etc. You also don't have any photographs of nudes, or of people that I can discern, which makes me wonder if you are incapable of doing this, and this image really just makes you mad. This is only one of many photographs of this model, and most heterosexual men seem to like it well enough. I challenge you to do better than this, and I'll be happy to critique YOUR work.

Sorry if this response offends you, but I would rather have critique from people who have photographic talent (preferably above my skills) than have an odd, spiteful public comment from someone who should spend more time criticizing his own work.
photoshack November 08, 2012
You said privately: "Ha, who asked for opinion? My photos where of the childrens, to inspire. \"Heterosexual\" (childish), as to mean? You sound like a little whiney NYC child who can\'t take criticism of his watercolor stick figure. The image has no effect on me personally and I wouldn\'t degrade a woman for personal gain on a low-class website, try submitting your work to Lets see how close you can get to a post on the site. I work in the 3D Photographic field with automobiles and commercial products, I\'ll be working in Quandong for the next 4 months. When I get back, i\'ll check to see if your work is of the approval files."

My response:
I think what is funny here is that you have no problem dishing out your "opinion" on my work in a rude and unhelpful fashion, then you try to lambaste me for giving MY opinion on your work. At least I have enough class not to post them on your actual images, and not try to degrade you on your own personal page. Wherever you go, I am sure you will take photographs. I hope you learn in the process, because your inane commentary is not helping you one bit. And as to my personal gain and shooting nudes; you are clueless. There is no money in anything posted here and hardly anywhere else these days. What I post here is supposed to be for an open community, sharing of information and cheering each other on for the betterment of the art form. You seem to have a problem with the concept. And for someone who professes to be doing commercial work, how come I see tons of out of focus, blurry, awful images? I have been paid to do commercial work (food, catalog, product, advertising) and I certainly know how to focus a camera and get depth of field where it needs to be. I am amazed that you think you should keep going after me. It is like child's play to rebut every sad thing you say. I have to point out that if you really didn't like the image, why on earth would you bother posting anything? To show everyone how you hate nude women? Keep going...let's see what else you have to say about me or my work. I have yet to see an image that looks "commercial", and if you think what you have is of that calibre, you are terribly wrong. You have been on this site for three years, what have you gained from it? Anything?
huddy December 10, 2012
nice image, like the lighting
photoshack December 10, 2012
Thanks huddy!
grunt16 December 13, 2012
Nice b&w
andrew2 February 26, 2013
Wow...amazed at the comments....I'm not a professional nor claim to be, just an old man taking photographs hoping one day I'll take something that makes someone smile or say far as your pics, I have always enjoyed viewing all your photographs, and this is one of those that I like, I like this tastefully done B&W, compostion and pose...just an old make making an observation.
photoshack March 03, 2013
Andrew, thank you very much!!!you too Grunt!!
BPhotos March 16, 2013
Stunning shot, love her smooth skin and the way she is lit
photoshack March 16, 2013
Thank you very much BP...
Phototech March 23, 2013
Hi Vin I think it's a great picture !!!
photoshack March 26, 2013
Thanks for saying so Ken!
paulashby August 04, 2013
Beautiful composition.
photoshack August 05, 2013
Thank you Paul...
nigelrmsmith November 04, 2013
very nice picture
anneschlueter November 09, 2013
very nicely done!
anneschlueter November 09, 2013
If I were to make a suggestion, it might be to remove the czar comments - the photo is lovely, as is all of your work, this image doesn't deserve those comments - on the other hand, I really like her facial expression, as if to say "bring it on jerk!"
photoshack November 10, 2013
Thanks Anne; I appreciate that. But I figure if I take it down, then I'd be "chicken". I would like others to know that honest and mutual critique is GREAT, but mean spirited stuff like this will get me going...and if this person did that to anyone else I'd say the same thing :-) I'll take it down if you think it makes me look like an a-hole....
matttweide November 20, 2013
This is awonderful photo, man. Kudos to you, good sir.
photoshack November 20, 2013
Thank you Matt!!! Appreciate the kindness....
RonClark November 21, 2013
great photo. shadowing and capture of expresssion
patrickcahill_7812 April 11, 2014
stunning photo,, i love the pose, the model, the lighting
photoshack April 12, 2014
Many thanks Patrick!
judub661 March 07, 2015
I love the shot..........czar is a jack ass!
photoshack March 08, 2015
Hehe well said...

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