Pure Essence

My first ever attempt at a Levitation shot! it took near 6 hours just to edit it haha but so worth it)
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My first ever attempt at a Levitation shot! it took near 6 hours just to edit it haha but so worth it)
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tepidautumn April 26, 2014
You guys did an outstanding job! I am so proud of you two and very much impressed. This deserves a photography Oscar! :)
Sanzotography April 27, 2014
Beautiful image. Nice editing work! :D
JackDalephotography April 27, 2014
Gorgeous photo, Great job!!!!
EricCoulombe April 29, 2014
This is a great shot. Really well done!
joecas April 29, 2014
Great work!:)
Flosno April 30, 2014
Great presentation....perseverance certainly paid off
Sueshore May 02, 2014
Excellent! Please tell me how you did this shoot and then edit?
AdamOoiPhotography May 02, 2014
Thank you very much Sue! Here is a link to my youtube video where I discuss how I went about shooting this
(3min27 Is where I talk about Levitation)
kathleenweetman PRO
kathleenweetman May 15, 2014
Timbo May 20, 2014
Excellent shot... Well done and awarded...
LoanaLMP May 30, 2014
Wow! This is amazing! Great job!
mloiz June 11, 2014
Amazing work! Congrats!!
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta June 11, 2014
Great image & editing. Congratulations on being Featured.
catini June 11, 2014
Great shot congrats on your feature!
dwelch1432 PRO
dwelch1432 June 11, 2014
RoyNorthumbrian June 11, 2014
Amazing photo
RhondaMcD June 11, 2014
Fabulous photo - photography at it's best.
Oziephotographer June 11, 2014
BrianpSlade June 11, 2014
Stunning!....well done and congrats!....Brian
iceman2 June 11, 2014
Excellent B&W capture with beautiful contrast.Congrats!
sandystewart June 11, 2014
Superb work to make this appear so. I'm wondering about the strings on the left. The reason for leaving them. I know you've got a good reason and me being new am just inquisitive. I love this image.
robwright_1891 June 11, 2014
WOW and WOW again
troutfly June 11, 2014
Beautiful capture, love the setting .and the subject
redwriter PRO
redwriter June 11, 2014
Great creative shot. Congrats. - Jake
huch5150 June 12, 2014
Coomanator June 12, 2014
Masterfully composed and edited levitation shot. Congratulations on the "Feature". Added to my favorites.
jignanandaniyanarula June 13, 2014
Beautiful Shot!!
MediaOne June 15, 2014
Your effort made a great photo, it's cool
enklajd June 16, 2014
love it
Jacobz June 21, 2014
sublime ;)
J_Lu June 23, 2014
gondmagdi Premium
gondmagdi October 10, 2014
wonderful !!!!!! congratulations !
kathleenweetman PRO
kathleenweetman November 27, 2014
Voted image of the year...k
rhamm PRO
rhamm December 20, 2014
Great shot
3VPhotography January 30, 2015
Nice Shot...
AlannaDphoto February 24, 2015
this is a really unique vision, great composition and creativity
mdendekker February 28, 2015
Great softness Adam, really nice contrast. Great job!!!
ejdelamora March 05, 2015
Nice work.
TimCee July 28, 2015
Excellent, really excellent...
Nikonshoooter803 September 07, 2015
I love levitation photography!!! This is an outstanding photo. Everything about it just screams high quality. Awesome job!!!

Behind The Lens

'Pure Essence' was taken in my garage believe it or not! A very, very...very small garage.
The time of day was approximately 1pm, and it took roughly an hour to shoot.
It is all natural light, coming in from the left hand side of the photo (I had the roller door up). The best thing about shooting in a garage like mine is that it's all white walls, so the light just bounces around and fills in perfectly.
I used a Canon 60D, 10-20mm Sigma Lens and a cheap $100 tripod which is now lost... Along with those essentials, she is lying on a chair, on top of 2 suitcases. Also, there is a light stand on the right side of the image with the bed sheet attached to it.
I had recently seen levitation images going around on Viewbug, so I felt compelled to try my own. I youtube'd how to do levitation, and basically went from there. I love the surreal quality of levitation photos, they offer you a different viewing sensation that is not gained from any other style of photography.
YES, my god yes. This photo had about 6 hours of love poured into it through Lightroom and Photoshop. The hardest part was to get the ends of the bed sheets horizontal so it didn't look like she was lying in a hammock. By using various selection tools, I was able to re-correct the position of the bed sheets to make it appear as if she is levitating. Along with all of that, the necessary process of compositing two images together is critical in levitation. So after taking the shot with Julie on the chair, I then cleared the room to have an empty garage (keeping the camera in the same position) and then taking another shot. After that, using a layer mask in photoshop, I was able to 'erase' the chairs and light stands so she appears to be floating in mid-air!
In my camera bag
At the time of shooting this I was only 6 months into my photo journey, so I was minimalistic by force. In my bag, I had a Canon 60D, 50mm canon 1.8 and a sigma 10-20mm wide angle. Since then I have added a 85mm Rokinon 1.4, and a 24-70mm Tamron 2.8, and a much better tripod. Those are the essentials, but I also possess accessories such as Canon speedlites, Rode microphones- Lav and shotgun, Spider holster belt and a Black Rapid strap.
Attention to detail is a must. Levitation is a fine art and if you don't get it right in camera, then you are going to have major headaches later on in post. One massive tip I could give in regards to making a successful levitation, is to make sure the subjects limb's are not touching anything, try to minimise how much her body is touching the support structure (i.e. a chair, stool etc...). Also, this is not the kind of shot that you would do on a whim, I recommend drawing your vision first and having that as a rough idea. If the subject is going to be upright, getting there feet to leave the support structure makes things a lot easier. So for example, model is standing on a stool in a forest, give her a 3.2.1 then she does a mini-hop in to the air, you snap, and hey there's your levitation. Just make sure she doesn't jump too high or you can tell.

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