Into the Dark

woman in red dress walking on the walls into alternate dimension through puddle of ground.

woman in red dress walking on the walls into alternate dimension through puddle of ground.
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DanielGagne Premium
DanielGagne April 21, 2014
Very creative :-)
robertadams December 01, 2015
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in the garage below my apartment complex. There was this funky leak that made the puddle you see and I just really liked the way it looked, so I waited for about a month until the right cars were out of their ports to get this shot.
It was 10AM on a Wednesday morning. I remember because I had just gotten back from shooting a different levitation concept that hadn't worked out quite how I wanted and was feeling pretty awful since I had been excited about it. I was hauling all of my stuff back up to my apartment to switch stuff out before a headshot session at eleven when I saw the cars were missing and thought - ah what the heck. I can't get any more disappointed than I am right now. Might as well strike while the iron is hot.
I live in the land of perpetual glaring sunshine (Southern California) which is normally something I am always working against with strobes to combat harsh shadows. It was actually great for this shot though, because just enough light was shining down through the entrance of the garage to give a great even light for the shot. I felt pretty lucky.
My Nikon d600 rigged with my trusty nifty fifty lens (Nikkor 50mm f/1.8) mounted on a tripod. I also used a three-step ladder and two plastic milk crates to help make me 'float'.
This photo was an accident. The original idea I was working with was much more along the lines of me 'falling' through the looking glass, or a portal to another world. It was very Alice in Wonderland. Thing was that the ground in the garage was uneven where I was trying to balance and I kept falling out of pose I wanted. This pose was an accident. My camera was on a multiple-shot timer and this was a shot that took before I could get myself in the pose I thought I wanted. When I was going through the raw shots to edit, my husband saw this one and said: "Oh hey - that one looks like you are walking on the wall." And thus this photo was born.
This final photo is a composite of two different images which I put together in photoshop using layers and masking tools. The first photo is of myself propped up on a step ladder and two milk crates. The second shot is after I removed myself and my stands from the frame. I set my camera to manual focus so that it would stay on the same focal length, and shot a blank slate. From there I took the two shots and blended them together to make it look like I am walking on the wall. I removed the ladder and milk crates using masking tools in photoshop. Then I used the liquify tool to correct my skirt and torso from where the ladder and milk crates had mushed them. The rest was color treatments to get the palette where I wanted it and viola!
In my camera bag
I am absolutely lost without my Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens. It is just a great all around lens. It lives on my Nikon D600 body most of the time. Otherwise I have my Nikkor 85 mm f/1.8 which is just a sweet lens for portrait work. The compression on that baby is just so pretty and makes faces looks so true to form. Then, as heavy as it is, I lug around my Nikkor 80-200mm f/2.8 because the shots I get with that are always 100% worth the weight. You would have to be a slug to not get beautiful bokeh with that lens. I also keep a 32 inch foldable reflector with a teeny-tiny ground stand which has saved the day more than once! Oh - and an extra memory card and battery at all times.
Go and play and be fearless. Nike - just freaking do it. That is one-hundred percent the best way to do it. Look at art (I gravitate towards surreal art like Magritte, Dali, Ernst, etc.) and see why the colors work together, how the pieces fit, try to figure out why something makes you feel a certain way when you look at it. Learn about perspective, light, and how shadows fall. Do lots of photoshop tutorials. There are so many amazing ones out there online for free. Do them. But mostly - have fun and be fearless. You are creating art and that is amazing. You are 100% going to look crazy at some point, but that is all part of the journey. Embrace it.

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