ChrissyJones May 14, 2012
Very earthy, love the tones, wonderful photo
Emerald_Wake May 15, 2012
square is perfect for that shoot, favorite and vote too
Carli May 15, 2012
fantastic shot :D
missyeclark May 15, 2012
Very peaceful!
Jmoff May 16, 2012
Very nice film effect :D
tsambaproductions May 18, 2012
murcuduca May 18, 2012
PhotoAlaska May 18, 2012
very nice
senka May 18, 2012
looks so serene... nicely done
symphony5 May 18, 2012
good job..congrats!
great photo,with passion!
it really affected on me!I feel cold...
LoriLynn13 May 18, 2012
Nice shot. Congrats!
johnpa53 May 18, 2012
I feel cold too! You have captured the scene so well.
djensen May 18, 2012
Congrats on the feature, beautiful work!
jgalarza70 May 18, 2012
nice quiet cold Sunday afternoon shot. Congrats on the feature.
rmcalpine May 18, 2012
Beautiful capture! Congrats on your feature!
bobbynall May 18, 2012
GREAT SHOT congrats
buttercup96 May 18, 2012
This is gorgeous! So simple and beautiful! Congratulations :)
Danny_martin_10 May 18, 2012
Lovely shot and effect :) Great views, congratulations on the feature :)
xavierw May 18, 2012
Nice shot. Congrats
Carli May 18, 2012
congrats :D
kittylegs May 18, 2012
really lovely shot - congrats on your feature
angiebanta May 18, 2012
Fantastic image,so peaceful looking! Congrats on your well deserved feature!
TAHammer May 18, 2012
Nice Capture, congratulations on your feature
ardilla May 18, 2012
Very nice! Congrats!
Bwills88 May 18, 2012
nice shot! congrats
ManCorMac May 18, 2012
Fantastic, congrats.
tetvet May 18, 2012
nice shot, congrats
Marian May 18, 2012
Awesome shot!! Feel cold!! Congrats!!
iceman2 May 18, 2012
cilla8 May 18, 2012
Very nice, congratulations on feature!
abezwiliams4 May 18, 2012
Nice vintage feel, congrats
Nasta May 19, 2012
so beautiful..congrats!!!
Wayne_Sr May 19, 2012
Nice shot! Congratulations on your Feature Photo!
magboys May 19, 2012
love it N, beautiful photo Congratulations
Jean12 May 20, 2012
WOW.. thanks everybody.. It was a cold dreary day, both mentally & physically the day I took this..
There is lots of emotion tied up in this photo for me.. it was the 26th Anniversay of my fathers passing and living amost 14,000klm's away from my family.. I felt very much like this lone goose.... Cold and alone yet surrounded by beautiful scenery!

Thanks again for your support... it is awesome..

For those interested.. I actually took this on my iPhone4 and converted with an Instragram filter
eskimotwila May 20, 2012
Very well captured...congratulations
ThumbalinasNature May 24, 2012
Tones & compo are just so beautiful :)
Ujjwal June 02, 2012
ColinR July 12, 2012
I thought those Mountains looked farmiliar. Banff is one of the best places to visit to take amazing photos in all seasons. Miss you Canada.... Love the photo, you get such a sense of what it was like on that day.
maryhale9534 August 23, 2012
Nice work.....congrats!!!
Louloussista August 27, 2012
Beautiful shot

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Behind The Lens

Vermilion Lakes, Banff Canada
around 3pm
It was mid March in Canada and while winter had officially ended, this day was particularly overcast. They day's had only just started to get longer and
haha.. I'm slightly embarrassed by this.. this photo was taken with an iPhone4
I was living in Calgary at the time and missing home I decided I needed to get out into the mountains. The Vermillion Lakes are one of my favorite places in Banff. They are not touristy like Lake Louise or Moraine Lake just further north, so it's easy to get time to yourself without the crowds. Everything about this scene just seemed to sum up how I was feeling. It was the 26th anniversary since my Dad had passed and I was living on the other side of the world to my family. The ice was melting from the lakes and the mountains were still capped with snow, it was cold and the Canadian Goose in the center reminded me of me. Surrounded by beautiful scenery and amazing places - but out of place and alone in a world where I felt I didn't belong anymore. I had grown up in a small Northern Victorian town in Australia, surrounded by an amazing family and was so not used to the Canadian winters.
Yes, I actually used Instagram and the filters provided within the app.
In my camera bag
Normally I carry A Nikon 5100 plus the two factory lenses that I got with the camera - 55mm and 300mm lens.
I think that if you really 'feel' the scene and are in it yourself (thoughts, feelings, etc.) you have a better chance of being able to capture the emotions, feelings within the photo.

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