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gondmagdi April 22, 2014
wowwwww, love it !
SpokeninRed April 22, 2014
Thank you!!
AlanJakarta May 22, 2014
Excellent surreal image. Congratulations.
catini May 22, 2014
Great composition and creativity, congrats on your feature!
hotpixel May 22, 2014
Amazing image !! Congratulations !!
lito May 22, 2014
Beautiful shot!
GBloniarz May 22, 2014
Super lighting, marvelous editing ... big congrats!
tmlakshmi May 22, 2014
LionesLens May 22, 2014
jerzgrl51 May 22, 2014
Super creativity!!
jerzgrl51 May 22, 2014
Super creativity!!
AnneDphotography May 22, 2014
brilliant work !!
jmcastanos May 22, 2014
fotogalmexican May 22, 2014
marnadeckerbenion May 22, 2014
MaryAnne306 May 22, 2014
What an interesting effect. Congratulations on your feature!
Chasingthelight_67 May 23, 2014
Stunning work!
randylorenc May 23, 2014
jmcastanos May 23, 2014
Good job!
carolinecummings May 24, 2014
this is stunning.
abihillphotography May 25, 2014
Image is constructed beautifully, love it!
traceprinslooreppin May 26, 2014
...superb, congrats on your Feature :-)
jasoncardwellkirby May 26, 2014
love the photo
Sanmi May 27, 2014
Sensational photography.
NVPhotography May 28, 2014
The fact that this is a self portrait makes it even more phenomenal!! Sensational job and fantastic movement!!
redwriter May 28, 2014
Great creative shot. Congrats. - Jake
cmorisset June 02, 2014
Superb photo, magnificent composition. Bravo!
christiankahahawai June 08, 2014
awesome shot
FranksPortraits June 13, 2014
stewartgould June 14, 2014
Simply stunning. Well done.
debashreeroy June 14, 2014
soul-touching wow!
alishamadenford June 19, 2014
Love it!
SpokeninRed June 19, 2014
Thank you so much, Alisha!
heathergoodwin June 22, 2014
Very beautiful.
florrie July 13, 2014
This is so beautiful - I wish I was half as creative as you!
webfeet August 09, 2014
Ravishing November 24, 2014
Love it!
gondmagdi December 23, 2014
masterpiece !!!!!!!!!!!
denisenewman January 25, 2015
What a delight - perfect!!
Swiegers January 26, 2015
Great presentation and perfectly executed!
Billyboy February 28, 2015
Absolutely beautiful work!
ghphotouk March 11, 2015
INSPIRING- even the models hair blends so beautifully with the forest, raw, passionate, fluid, fantastic curves and yet symmetry in the lines of the arms, fantastic work, well done
SuperT22 April 17, 2015
guybahonsrichardson April 19, 2015
This is excellent, I would love to know how you did the shot.
vasasphotography May 22, 2015
Very creative.
HappyTree May 27, 2015
Love this!
francoromani June 09, 2015
Divine, truly artistic.
GingerPride July 10, 2015
Absolutely captivating. Great creativity.
nguyenducthang August 22, 2015
sjunior October 15, 2015
I love it thank you for sharing
Eduardbetz December 10, 2015
Beautiful - so creative !
vbug June 23, 2016
Cool shot, great ideas!!
SpokeninRed June 23, 2016
Thank you!
adavies October 27, 2016
This is just beautiful! Really nicely done! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my Spooky-ooky challenge:)
https:// viewbug.com/challenge/spooky-ooky-photo-challenge-by-adavies
bathsalt February 24, 2017
Amazing photo!!

Inner Music

self-portrait dancing in the woods
self-portrait dancing in the woods
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Behind The Lens

I have woods for a back yard. It's easy to find some seclusion out there but it's also easy to find snakes so I'm not quick, usually, to shoot out there! This was in the early fall so I wasn't so worried about running into one.
Early evening---in that beautiful golden hour, the sun setting in the West setting off some beautiful pinky/golden hues.
Not much--just very much lucky. I just had it at the right time in the right spot.
At the time, I only had a Canon Rebel XSi with the kit lens, a tripod, and a remote timer. I took several for this series as I needed the movement of the chiffon cloth.
Ballet is such a huge part of everything that I do and I wanted to incorporate line and the drama of movement. It was my first attempt at putting these two things, ballet and my meager photographic skills, together. Dance always inspires me and I generally see things in movement versus a static picture so it's been difficult to merge the two. It's easier now--my skills are better, as is my equipment, but I still have yet to take a set that I am truly happy with!
Absolutely. There is very little that I don't post process. Why shun Photoshop when it does so much? The moment of my body is one shot but I had to incorporate other shots where I was moving the cloth around in a blur and took those separate components and merged them in this image.
In my camera bag
Lately, I have a Canon 5D MkIII and it is one of the great joys of my life. I rarely use any other lens but my 24-105 mm lens. There is usually an extra battery pack, wipe cloths, my nifty 50 lens (which I honestly don't use much at this point), and I carry my tripod with me. That's pretty much it. Since I model for myself a lot, I like to go light because I have props and other things to drag along.
I never set my mind too hard on a concept. I usually have bigger ideas than I have the skill or income to bring to fruition. Honestly, I have to come at this from two angles--as the model and the photographer so it's a lot of play which often means being fluid in the aftermath of processing. But, to me, that's where the fun really starts. I consider the photos themselves raw material. The ingredients are stirred together in post and making some sense of semblance of the feeling while I was modeling and shooting. I want to get a sense of how I felt while shooting--how the sunset and being in nature made me feel at the moment.

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