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Behind The Lens

This is a photo of my daughter taken in my home studio. I had recently bought my first Speedlite and I was testing some variations with it to see how it performed.
Well since this one is studio lighting so the ambient light was not really a factor, but it was late afternoon.
I used just the one light for this shot, and it is against a black wall for the background. I painted one wall in my studio black and all the rest white, so she is standing against a black wall but close to the white wall so that bounced light is filling some of the shadows from behind.
This was shot on a Canon Rebel XSi, using a Canon 580 EXii speedlite.
I love vintage, and have amassed something of a collection of vintage hats. My daughter and her friend were modelling for me that day and we worked on some business and student themes, but at the end we decided to get out some vintage stuff for fun. You wouldn't know from the photo, but the pillbox hat she is wearing is actually bright orange. My daughter is usually the master of quirky funny faces, so I loved how she nailed the brooding vintage glamour look.
I did a little post processing in lightroom to convert to B&W, boost contrast and soften skin. Fairly minimal.
In my camera bag
I still use my Rebel xsi from time to time as a back up, but in most cases I am shooting with my Canon 6D. I keep a Canon 24-105L lens on it as my general purpose "out and about" lens. I also carry a Canon 50mm 1.8 that is nice for portraits, and a Canon 70-300 4-5.6 Zoom lens. My Canon 580 EXII speedlite is tucked in there as well. I dropped it at an event recently and am in the process of replacing it, since I can't stand to be without it. I use it all the time. An extra Canon battery and charger fit in the side of the bag along with a flashlight that is very handy for night shooting. I have the usual extra batteries and SD cards, but something I have recently added and love is an Enjo lens cleaning cloth. It is better than any other lens cleaner I have ever had.
With studio shooting you have the ability to shoot and re-shoot until you get it right. Speedlites are an inexpensive and portable light source to add to your kit. Play around with them until you are able to get what you want. Use the speedlite off camera using a trigger to get the lighting position you want. Stands and softboxes can be used to achieve the look you want. I use a light stand, but at the time I took this photo, I didn't have one, so I just set it on it's foot attachmet the top of some boxes.

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