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Tiger Cub receives feedback from mom

Tiger Cub receives feedback from mom
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sherrypr April 19, 2014
Great capture!
huch5150 April 19, 2014
Perfect title for a great capture! Well done.
AdamOoiPhotography April 20, 2014
I cannot express to you enough how much I love this! amazing moment, fantastic composition. Great capture!
Joecas Platinum
Joecas July 10, 2014
Superb capture!
kasper Platinum
kasper July 10, 2014
congrats on the feature. Great shot.
brendawallis July 10, 2014
AlanJakarta July 10, 2014
Lovely shot of this telling off. Congratulations on being Featured.
nigel3333 PRO
nigel3333 July 10, 2014
Thank you
kal57 July 10, 2014
Bonnie_D July 10, 2014
Amazing capture
wonderwoman627 July 10, 2014
Awesome moment to capture.
JeffreyA July 10, 2014
Great shot. Congrats!!
NanaSue54 July 10, 2014
Awesome capture!!! :)
vojce July 10, 2014
nice cats
ack1128 July 10, 2014
That is an awesome photo. Congratulation on being featured!
MaryAnne306 PRO+
MaryAnne306 July 10, 2014
lauraphotography July 10, 2014
Smallcat July 10, 2014
This great shot feels my heart with love. Thank you :-)
SKEagle July 10, 2014
Awesome capture!
sweetpea72 July 10, 2014
Incredible... Congrats!! ")
nigel3333 PRO
nigel3333 July 10, 2014
Thank you
debhall Platinum
debhall July 10, 2014
Awesome shot and love the title! Congrats on your feature!
gondmagdi Premium
gondmagdi July 10, 2014
amazing capture, congratulations !
onyanita PRO+
onyanita July 10, 2014
awesome...congrats on the feature.
rach_who July 10, 2014
Looks like someone was definitely naughty
iceman2 July 10, 2014
Excellent capture.Congrats!
HectorRivera July 10, 2014
Amazing capture
jrsosky July 10, 2014
Magnificent - great, great shot!
akhtarkhan July 10, 2014
Fantastic composition, wonderful capture......congrats on the feature.
kkat PRO
kkat July 10, 2014
Superb!! Congratulations!!
terrywelling July 10, 2014
Congratz on the featured !!!
rmr731 Platinum
rmr731 July 11, 2014
Awesome capture! Perfect. Congrats on being featured!
Bruz Ultimate
Bruz July 11, 2014
I have been in this cubs position. Great capture and congrats on the feature.
coastluver59 July 11, 2014
Amazing capture!
loganwilliams July 11, 2014
Bannekh July 12, 2014
great shot
Karine July 12, 2014
I guess he will never forget the lesson....
Maddak July 14, 2014
Amazing shot. Great composure as well really enjoy that you can see the young cubs eye.
sofiadeleon July 14, 2014
drconover July 15, 2014
Nice capture
BrianaK July 17, 2014
Absolutely stunning. One of my top favorite shots ever.
saraturner July 21, 2014
Wonderful capture ! Beautiful image :)
CLG_ July 21, 2014
Awesome capture!!
some1sangel Premium
some1sangel July 23, 2014
awesome capture!
HappyTree Platinum
HappyTree July 30, 2014
Excellent timing with this..
p_eileenbaltz Platinum
p_eileenbaltz August 27, 2014
Congratulations! This is amazing.:)
Elledee August 27, 2014
kmiatke68 PRO+
kmiatke68 August 28, 2014
Stunning shot! I had a boss like that once....
ralphphillips PRO+
ralphphillips August 31, 2014
Absolutely LOVE this!!
shiloh1 September 01, 2014
nice picture love it
denisenewman PRO+
denisenewman September 05, 2014
Love this photo =D where is the 'WOW' button ...
Yasseen September 18, 2014
This is perfect!
imanpreetsingh September 20, 2014
Super !! perfect timing.....
AlanJakarta September 23, 2014
My previous comment refers. Congratulations on being the PC Winner.
kristybrown September 30, 2014
Great picture!!
BerthaRinaM November 27, 2014
Just lovely. Wondering were did you take this picture :)
Nikonover November 27, 2014
Absolute stunner,congratulations.
stevenhickman November 29, 2014
Reminds me of being a child and getting told off by my mum lol. AMAZING CAPTURE well done
LAGIORDANO December 23, 2014
Absolutely awe inspiring.
nancycarney December 29, 2014
Love wildlife photos and this one is most excellent!
gabajo January 05, 2015
BRAVO! Evokes A Strong Feeling! Capturing this Moment!
Blazer13 PRO+
Blazer13 January 05, 2015
So beautiful. Great capture.
vasasphotography January 06, 2015
Awesome and great capture.
petertaylorphotography January 11, 2015
you can just imagine the scene----
sorry mom...
it has the same look my kids had as kids lol
shagen January 16, 2015
"Go to your room!"
Karlynography January 21, 2015
Outstanding! I love it and I can relate to it....on both sides of that fence! :)
wheelerdealer Platinum
wheelerdealer January 23, 2015
If you swat your sister in the head ONE MORE TIME, just wait til your father gets home. Love it beautiful shot. Would love to know what the kid is thinking.
dlos January 27, 2015
Reminds me of my son and I on any given night! Excellent moment captured!
OutOfTheWild February 26, 2015
LISTEN TO ME I SAID lol... Stunning capture great job
Batesrc2 PRO+
Batesrc2 March 05, 2015
ThompsonsPhotography March 05, 2015
Beautiful capture
jimhelmick June 03, 2015
WOW, remarkable capture.
agnesspel Platinum
agnesspel August 02, 2015
Awesome Shot
bobrick August 21, 2015
great capture.
jcday August 28, 2015
NikonJB August 29, 2015
Love this! Reminds me of times when I've had to reprimand my daughter.
rinavance September 05, 2015
Gosh, I know that feeling of being mom! Great phototure!
jmimages PRO+
jmimages September 15, 2015
What a great photo. Draws you right in!!!
Cruiser48 Premium
Cruiser48 April 12, 2016
Somebody is being yelled at!!! Wow!!
catherinethompson PRO+
catherinethompson May 04, 2016
That's a real telling off in any language. Your work is simply majestic.
HernandezJ July 11, 2016
Excellent Picture !
Esperenza September 17, 2016
nice shot !
Carolelisephotography Platinum
Carolelisephotography June 24, 2018
I love this photo and it makes me feel bad for the guy getting fussed at there.
SharBear June 06, 2019
A classic photo for all time. One of my favorites ever.
tysonator October 21, 2019
amazing image
Horatio October 31, 2019
What a superb image. I love the expressions on. both faces. Your timing was impeccable. Thank you for an outstanding wildlife photograph.
MRueffer PRO+
MRueffer November 01, 2019
Great shot however I did not consider this to be pets, sorry
CAphotos Platinum
CAphotos November 08, 2019
Shame on Viewbug for allowing entries such as this into a "PET" category. Why is that ok? It is not. Members that play by the rules are curious and angry about this. Speak up those of you who agree with me. Contests should be fair - or why bother. This photo is cute. But in a wild animal category. IS anybody awake over there in the judges box? You're going to lose people by continuing to allow this. If you're not going to pick winners fairly then don't even have a contest. The next time you have a sea creature contest I'll be posting a photo of my house.
PhotographyByColleen June 06, 2020
Would love to see this photograph in my new challenge
MrPT2U1389 February 03, 2022
Absolutely beautiful picture
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Behind The Lens

Calgary Zoo, Alberta, Canada.
winter morning after the zoo opened, around 9:30am
Cloudy day which is ideal for shooting through the wire fence. ISO 1600
Canon 7D Handheld, Tamron 70-300.
Three young cubs were born a few months earlier, two of the cubs played for a while then got tired and wandered back to bed. This cub was just not having any past of bed, he explored everything in the compound and wanted to continue playing. Mom was okay for a while, but she started to get tired and tried to send a message that she was done playing, the cub didn't really get the hint so she had to get more serious about saying no. This photograph was captured right about the time that she let him know she was done. I think I like this picture mostly because I was in that position when I was a cub, maybe we have all been.
Lightroom 5, cropped and minor adjustments.
In my camera bag
Canon 7D, Fuji X100s, Leica Dlux-6, Canon L 70-200, Tamron 70-300, Lumu pro light meter attachment and app.
Shooting through the fence at Zoo's can be tricky. This particular zoo has very dark black wire, that is actually better than light coloured wire which is harder to get out of the frame. Cloudy days are also better or to be in the shade, direct sun on the fence will make it lighter and is more likely to show up on the image. Watch for the animals to be far away from the fence while you are as close as possible, this will allow you to focus through the fence and make it disappear. There is no chance of getting the shot when the animals are close to the fence

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