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MichelleAnnHarrison February 20, 2012
love everything about this one all the different textures makes this one..
hkphotography February 20, 2012
Nice capture
Duff February 21, 2012
Kiu February 21, 2012
that's a what i call a great comp. congrats! =)
CecilyH February 21, 2012
Really beautiful
otheses April 01, 2012
csmmacker2004 May 12, 2012
Beautiful Capture, Nice Shooting





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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on Birchington Beach, Kent, England, UK
It was taken early evening, almost at the end of the summer.
The early evening sky just looked so beautiful, there was plenty of light as it was a glorious day and the setting is so captivating with the old post breakers.
It was taken with my little escape camera the Ricoh GX200 with the accompanying lens, I never used my tripod so it was totally free hand.
This particular area has some wonderful sky's, so you can get some great photos across the sea here, I generally take photos of my daughter there as she is a lovely subject and as all little girls loves to pose.
I processed the photo with Photoshop, enhancing the sharpness, histogram, hue settings and then split so I could change the sky colour.
In my camera bag
This particular time I had the Ricoh GX200, also have a 1.88x TC-1 lens. The other camera I love to use is my Cannon EOS 5D with the basic 50mm lens, also have a Cannon 24-85mm and a Cannon 75-300mm lens.
Be prepared to venture out in all weather's because when you get back and enhance through Photoshop some shots just turn out amazing, use the Raw format if possible because you can do so much more with your pictures.

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