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People's Choice in flowers Photo Challenge
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laurieleigh_0232 MD_Schloer Baumhaus danhenzell Arzhtatiana ivanfurman morriskleyman +20
Superb Composition
djamesbarr HJosey roelraadsen mateobrigande garfieldmilne_7893 tammielowesleach amazed +15
Absolute Masterpiece
Esperenza Svenergy72 KayBrewer Confalonieri thecatsmeow C_Rane U_Marc +14
Peer Award
daveburrow gooseofstrathearn photoABSTRACTION daliaa mariestojanov EmmJane hfdmama +10
Outstanding Creativity
myerscreativephotography takeoneshotatatime DavidH60 Bobwhite vonHoeckerPhotoArt Sunray chrisjarvis +2
Exceptional Contrast
roadrunner911 PaulEdmondson jorge2oceanos GNphotography marymwarnerthomas matthewcollins BindySue +1
All Star
maryhale9534 Picatso mariakeady CTYankee9 ogilvie
Magnificent Capture
douglasunger baybig Rustybucket8472 PhotographyByDonnaG
Superior Skill
sallyG11 melaniegentry Eduardbetz sarahdarvill
Jaw Dropping
davidbswanson CreativeGaz
Great Find

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Dacemac PRO+
Dacemac April 03, 2014
Very creative lighting...Way to go!
AnnuO April 04, 2014
A warm thank you!
bearinmybackyard PRO+
bearinmybackyard September 08, 2014
great shot. voted. good luck
estercastillo08 August 18, 2015
Beautiful portrait, Congrats! People Choice in Flowers Photo Challenge
AnnuO August 18, 2015
Thank you, Ester. Feeling so happy!
onyanita Premium
onyanita December 09, 2015
superb....congrats on your Award
AnnuO December 09, 2015
Thank you! Very happy about it :D
CarolSadler PRO
CarolSadler January 03, 2016
Just beautiful!
AnnuO January 03, 2016
Thank you, Carol :)
ovosphotography February 08, 2016
AnnuO February 08, 2016
:D Glad you like it
Arzhtatiana PRO
Arzhtatiana June 02, 2016
Congratulations, Annu! Nice work in B&W!
AnnuO June 02, 2016
Thank you! I am so happy how this came out.

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in the garden of my friend at the Belgium countryside.
It was quite early in the morning, about 8.20 am.
It had been fairly misty morning, nights were still cool, but when the sun came out, there was plenty of natural sun light. The Spring sun for me is something very special, it feels stronger and brighter. I love it!
I took this photo with my Nikon CoolPix P520 with fixed lens and handheld. No need for flash because the sun was giving all the light needed and this time it happened to come just from right direction and right angle.
I was spending a nice and cosy weekend at my friends place, surrounded by the explosion of Spring, sun was out and we had a couple of lovely warm days. That's all what is needed to put oneself into a good mood and finding inspiration all around in the nature. I love Spring time and during the spring months I take more flower photos than any other time of the year. Everything is so fresh, clear and bright. All the colours seems to be more clean and intense.
This photo is a result of experimenting. Just a few months before I had got a PhotoShop Elements and was learning to use all it's functions. I have sharpened the photo a bit, then adjusted the shadows, midtones and highlights and finally added a low key B&W effect on it. Originally this is a colour photo and the daffodil is light yellow. I liked the result myself a lot!
In my camera bag
I always carry my iPhone along, for possible appearing photo opportunities. I have a Nikon CoolPix P520 (that unfortunately has developped a technical focusing problem) and a fairly new Nikon D3200 (with a wide angle and mid-range tele lenses) that I am still learning to use. I have also bought for myself a similar little pocket Nikon CoolPix S3500 as my granddaughter has. Now I have also a tripod and a polarization filter but that I haven't used much yet.
Carpe Diem! When you see something just take a shot with your GSM or your camera. Also experimenting can bring great results like here. Sometimes a modest looking photo target can appear bold and something quite spectacular with a little bit of manipulation. There are so many interesting things around us, it's just a matter of seeing and capturing them. And then giving them that little extra "umph" to make them more interesting and pleasing for the eye.

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