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aayushmathur April 24, 2014
Beautiful portrait. Congratulation!
curtisgray April 24, 2014
This, is why I love B&W!!
AlanJakarta April 24, 2014
Fabulous mono portrait under lovely lighting. Congratulations.
stevengargadennec April 24, 2014
Rl1956 April 24, 2014
outstanding b & w image, congrats on featured
traceprinslooreppin April 24, 2014
...superb in every way, congratulations on your Feature :-)
iceman2 April 24, 2014
Excellent B&W portrait capture.Congrats!
WileKyK April 24, 2014
Awesome use of light! Congratulations on your Feature!
akhtarkhan April 24, 2014
Beautiful model, excellent lighting, fabulous looking portrait pose and black fashion veil perfect for this B&W Portrait. Cool capture......congrats on the feature.
prasantadas April 24, 2014
HectorRivera April 24, 2014
Just beautifullll
manishpatel April 24, 2014
Magnificent Capture
stephanieveronique April 24, 2014
Stunning, B&W. Congratulation !
blackjonphotos April 24, 2014
Such a beautiful photo
MikeHiggins April 24, 2014
Great shot. Quite brilliant.
This is the standard I am aiming for. I will keep at it. Not there yet.
steveweldon April 24, 2014
super job!
Douglas_Kelley April 24, 2014
Congrats on your Feature
symesie04 April 24, 2014
brandygardner April 24, 2014
MarcoPoveda April 24, 2014
Majestuosa, linda fotografía, felicitaciones
hotpixel April 24, 2014
Truly exquisite work... congrats on a well deserved feature photo (:
LionesLens April 24, 2014
Congratulations on your feature award!
donpaulcarlos April 25, 2014
very nicely done..
Capture-Life April 25, 2014
exceptional capture :):)
SuperT22 April 25, 2014
stunning portrait
gianfrancomarzetti April 25, 2014
Very nice photo
anirbanbiswas April 27, 2014
Use of light is admirable.
anirbanbiswas April 27, 2014
Use of light is admirable.
prasantadas April 30, 2014
Beautiful portrait , capturing the mystery and aura of the graceful woman.
carlomurenu May 01, 2014
awesome portrait!
angieparker May 01, 2014
Beautiful!!!!! Love everything about this image!
nellasfotographymalta May 02, 2014
Beautiful :)
lauraphotography May 04, 2014
parisase May 09, 2014
michaeltillman July 28, 2014
Lovely shot. Great job.
MichelleDohertyPhoto September 14, 2014
This is stunning and I love how you've retained the texture on the shoulder and cheek - it is still "human" and very thought evoking. Congratulations. Simply genius light/dodge&burn.
BRYNPhotography January 01, 2015
super lighting and mood
ShannonKate February 05, 2015
Stunning model and lighting !
beautypics March 08, 2015
that is so beautyfiful, well done
ghphotouk March 11, 2015
Sensually superb, I love the capture, the crop is perfect, the texture on the skin showing that the model is alive not a porcelain photo-shopped beauty, really well done- everything is there :)
KGerken March 14, 2015
perfect lighting, perfect tone. Captivating
photographybybarbi March 26, 2015
sharilee March 26, 2015
Stunning! Can't stop looking at this one. Love the shadows!
Dazzitto March 28, 2015
Great picture...
billmcphail April 04, 2015
This is a great example of what I understand painting with light to be - beautiful definition right down to the catch light in the non dominant eye.
debbiecrowe September 11, 2015
just beautiful!
rafagil46 October 21, 2015
excellent photo
johnguy December 22, 2015
Bogdan, You are a wonderful talent, love this photo I think I like every single photo of yours on here. Do you do exhibitions much
JAASA February 18, 2016
Beautiful bnw portrait! Congrats.

Fashion Flowers

Studio session BW
MUA: Anca Dragnea
Model: Ana Maria @Max1 Models Agency
Fashion Books Studio
Studio session BW
MUA: Anca Dragnea
Model: Ana Maria @Max1 Models Agency
Fashion Books Studio
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Behind The Lens

This shot was taken in my studio, on grey background
studio photography so this question is not relevant
I used 1 beauty dish with grid as a main light and one reflector with grid for the back light, at F18, 1/160
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24-105 mm F4, Elinchrom BRX 500 both lights, beauty dish and reflector both with grids
I was inspired by the big flowers that i saw in a friend's store and I created the dark mood with the black cloth.
Yes it was retouched, basic cleaning, dodge & burn
In my camera bag
All the times I have the 5D Mark II, Canon 50 mm F1.4, Canon 24-105 mm F4, Elinchrom trigger. If outside the studio, I also take Godox Leadpower LP800X as you can not control the sun and weather (when shooting with clients), and 2 Elinchrom BRX 500 flashes.
The advice is what I got when I had bought my first flashes: TEST A LOT! Learn the light and your equipment. The image has one main light on the right, just above model's had (beautydish with grid) and one back light not very high (normal reflector also with grid)

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