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A Taste of Italy

this is in fact not Italy,but the Venetian in Las Vegas' very nice rendition of the gondolas in Italy

this is in fact not Italy,but the Venetian in Las Vegas' very nice rendition of the gondolas in Italy
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beverleygehrig PRO
beverleygehrig April 01, 2014
I thought it was the Venetian. I love it was there earlier this year!!!
Vince542 Premium
Vince542 April 02, 2014
Great capture!!!
Jacc April 03, 2014
great shot

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo At the Venetian, in Las Vegas this was in the main walk way, there were shops on either side of the canal
I took this mid day, which did not matter much as far as lighting because,it was an in door shot.
The lighting is what caught my eye to the shot
I used a Nikon D5100, with a 50 mm 1.8 lens I used the built in flash ,no other equipment was needed
I wanted to take the feel of being in an exotic place like Italy with me. this architecture gave me that aviance
I shoot in raw only so I am always post processing. I brought it into photoshop, by way of adobe bridge. I enhanced the colors separately. I then bumped the curve tones a bit, I burned and dodged certain areas to add depth to the contrast, and draw the eye to the highlights as well. I finalized by adding a slight sharpen,using high pass. I merged all the layers and this was the result.
In my camera bag
I have my camera body, a nikor 18-200 lens, a 50mm 1.8, a 35mm , a remote, a flash mount, some spare batteries, at least 3 cards,16g or higher, an extra camera battery, a lens cleaning kit, water, and business cards
Look for Interesting lighting, shadows and contrast. Have in mind what you would like to bring out for the viewer to focus on ,before you take the shot. If you don't know what your going for it is harder to see the right lighting. it is better to be one stop under exposed the one stop over,it is more manageable,to bring back the detail in shadows ,then to recover from overblown exposer. Always shoot in raw so you can decide what information is needed and what can be thrown away. and use manual setting for the same reason ,you decide what type of lighting you want to achieve as well as ,where the focal point should be.

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