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sweetpea72 March 16, 2014
So damn cute... Them blue eyes are amazing!! :)
AnneDphotography PRO+
AnneDphotography March 17, 2014
contagious little smile !!
traceprinslooreppin March 19, 2014
...so lovely & cute...beautiful capture :-)
tepidautumn March 20, 2014
What a lovely one!
tepidautumn March 20, 2014
Beautiful composition off-centered as it should be :D
SnowbunnyPhotography Platinum
SnowbunnyPhotography March 20, 2014
Seriously cute! Love the smile! :)
pranab March 23, 2014
Hey.....cutie darling.........
Flosno May 02, 2014
Cool entry....voted
carlosramos May 14, 2014
Perfectly composed and photographed, also voted !
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Behind The Lens

This shot was taken outside my front door. With children I tend to let them set up the composition and I 'try' to capture it the best I can. My daughter was being silly and sat on the front door ledge and could not stop giggling for some reason. I took a few shots and was lucky enough to capture this one. The original background was different as explained in the post processing section.
Mid day.
It was a cloudy day, which I feel is the best light for natural light portraiture. There were lighter and darker sections in the clouds allowing enough brightness through to make you squint if you looked up.
Nikon D300; Nikon 35mm f1.8. Natural light. I used aperture f2 in order to blur as much of the background as possible and still have the face in focus.
My daughter...no other reason needed.
With portraiture I do quite a bit of what I call 'air brush' work. I start with skin tones, in this case I create a tone that compliments what skin truly looks like and then brighten it significantly but not to blow out the highlights if I can help it. Then I brighten the eyes to match what I have done to the skin tones, then brighten just a little more so they pop. Then I brightened the lips slightly and teeth. The background is a brick red door. There were door pattern insert lines across the frame that obviously indicated it was a door. It was distracting so I used the patch tool in CS4 and began cutting out the pattern. It created some abnormal artifacts so I used the dodge and burn tools and started to 'air brush' in a burst pattern until I liked the outcome.
In my camera bag
Nikon D300; Nikon 50mm f1.4 AIS;Nikon 50mm f1.8G; Nikon 85mm f1.8D; Nikon 35mm f1.8G DX; Tokina 12-24mm; Sigma 150mm f2.8; Manfrotto Tripod; LEE Big Stopper and assorted LEE adapter rings; Nikon SB 600 flash.
With portraiture I have found sunlight is your enemy. Especially if it casts shadows around the eyes (raccoon eyes). Mid day sun overhead is especially troublesome. Also end and beginning day sun casts long shadows and weird skin tones, which can be problematic when taking head shots. The best light to capture a face is overcast. It flattens all shadows yet keeps detail. It lessons wrinkles and tends to make faces look smoother, more youthful. It also keeps your highlights from blowing out in post processing. In order to create this shot it took a lot of post processing 'air brushing' to blend the door design into the created burst pattern. It also takes some experimentation to achieve the right balance between brightness of eyes, face, and teeth. It is important not to over do it with the eyes or they look very fake, same with the teeth. Also try to understand differences in skin tones. There is no one skin tone 'type' for any given skin color. All races of people have endless levels of skin tone and it is important to treat every person as a new tone (unique) and not get caught up in routine post processing. Try to find the balance between reality and the dream. Too much is not a good thing in post processing most of the time. Be subtle and allow the personality of your subject to guide you to the end result.

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