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GordonD May 22, 2014
Beautiful image !!!
adoptedone September 08, 2014
debhearn October 10, 2014
She would make a good cover for Ayn Rand's "We the Living"! She looks the part - perfectly!
hemzabenyoucef October 11, 2014

Tears of winter

Tears of winter
Tears of winter
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Behind The Lens

My home studio at the time
Nothing special just a constant modelling light well two actually one back lighting from low down point up to the back of the models head and the other soft box directly on her right side the left as your looking at the shot
At the time I had a Nikon D3x and used my Nikon 28-70 This was taken at 52mm f.2.8 1/80 ISO 125
I wanted to do something on a winter look and the tear was an accident as I had accidentally poked the model in the eye , she said quick quick I have a tear so I said don't touch it let it drip down your face, worked out to be in my faver, not that i'm suggesting to poke your models in the eye , he h e
I adjusted the white balance as I always shoot on automatic and it was rather orange to start off with so just turned the orange down and played around until it looked like it did while shooting, I never think theres anything in colour that you can't put right it's just a matter of playing around in camera raw with the colour sliders that you have when you bring up convert to black and white, I don't know I just know what I want . post processing just sharpen around the eyes lashes and on the eyes, a wee bit of burning on the tea drop just to highlight that tear drop and that's about it really, she's a lovely model so that really dose help.
In my camera bag
I always carry now my Nikon D4s a 28-70 DG f.2 lens and a Nikon VR2 2.8 f. also Nikon SB 700 flash but love natural light so always carry a few reflectors, flash is a last resort for me but now I have the D4s the skys the limit as the ISO is off the scale.
My advice which this kind of shot is the tiny details are what count, look for stray eye lashes and try to make sure the model has good contouring skin make up and the more flawless her skin the better, good false eye lashes are a must to get those pussy cat eyes and of course a good poke in the eye helps, LOL

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