The Twelve Apostles





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philipbebbington February 16, 2014
Stunning landscape image,great stuff. Congrats.
JonnyCollision June 24, 2016
thank you
onyanita Premium
onyanita April 08, 2016
fantastic image...congrats on being a Contest Finalist. I am doing a tour there in a couple of weeks. Can't wait.
JonnyCollision June 24, 2016
Thanks, How was yur trip? did you get some nice shots to?
bonico June 24, 2016
Beautiful photo/feeling!
artcrowther PRO
artcrowther June 24, 2016
Some of the best photographs are taken on cloudy days. Well shot

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Behind The Lens

Taken from one of the many popular viewing locations on the 'Great Ocean Road' of the 'Twelve Apostles' in Victoria, Australia. I was driving the road over a 3 day period pulling in to every viewing spot i could to try to find the best angle of the apostles and other great landscape scenes on the way.
The shot was taken in the very late aftenoon/ early evening. The humidity was high and showers were forming in the distance but the days clearer skies were still visable and allowed the sun to shine through before the end of the day. There was no leaving now, its was Golden Hour, even though I still had a two hour drive back to my hotel.
As is metioned about, it was Golden Hour, when the sun is setting and the light becomes softer, a more yellow light rather than bright white and greens often become greener. Looming dark coulds are affecting in a landscape composition. Working with a HDR image will bring out the contrast in the clouds and sometimes more so than what was seen with the naked eye.
This image is a few years old. Back then i had a Fujifulm S5 Pro. It was great for colour production and had a much broader dynamic range that other cameras of its time. I had a cheap but sturdy tripod, no flash for a landscape shot, I cant remember the lens, It was most likely a kit lens.
I had seen scenes of the Twelve Apostles in a calender and marveled at the place. I wanted to take my own photo of them that was just as good and where people would be inspired by the beauty of the place. I liked the lighting in this moment and how the cliff to the right was leading the eye towards the Apostle rocks.
I took 3 images at different exsposures and blended them together with photomatix. The soft focus and soft colour is due to using Portraiture.
In my camera bag
Nowadays i have a 5D II and a range of lenses.. but my most often uses is a Canon 25-105L, a Canon 16-35L f2.8, a Venus 60mm f2.8. 2:1 super macro and a Tamron 70-200 2.8 telephoto.
Composition is very important. Look for a points of interest, things that lead your eye to that point. Soft light makes for a better photo to, Bright sun often washes out colours and features, so the time of the day is a large contributing factor (unless you have a set of ND filters). Watch out for blown highlights in the whites of the waves by adjusting the exsposure compensation +/-.

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