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Chinstrap penguins are wating for the new member of family.

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Behind The Lens


I took this photo on December 14, 2023, in the South Shetland Islands of the Antarctic Continent.


We reached the Shetland Islands around noon on December 14th. In the afternoon, we went to the Shetland Islands with zodiac boats, with the excitement of setting foot on the continent for the first time. There were hundreds or even thousands of penguins around us. Many of them were lying on eggs for their newborn babies. This photo belongs to one of those moments. I see that I took this photo at approximately 15:02.


To be honest, on the first day we arrived in Antarctica, the weather was cloudy and even rained and snowed from time to time. Although this made it a little difficult to take a clear photo, I tried my best. Also, since it was my first time photographing penguins, I did not know their behavior. For this reason, I wanted to take test shots many times. I knew I could definitely capture a more suitable scene. This was one of these scenes.


It is recommended not to use a tripod in Antarctica if possible. This is a precaution to avoid carrying a particle or microorganism that the continent does not recognize. For this reason, I showed the utmost respect to this situation and took this photo hand-held. I didn't use any filters. My camera is Nikon D850 and I used Nikon 28-300 as a lens. There were some limitations for approaching objects. That's why 300 mm came in handy for me.


As I mentioned above, I saw a penguin for the first time in my life. It was an incredible experience for me to see them in their natural lives and even observe their incubation period. I feel lucky to have witnessed those moments. I think penguins' social communication is also strong. For these reasons, I tried to take many penguin photos.


Since the weather conditions were not good, I waited to capture the best possible framing and lighting conditions. For this reason, I aimed to change some color tones along with the basic settings on the original file I obtained. I also made some interventions to ensure that the photo was sharp and contained as little noise as possible. But I tried to keep it from being natural.

In my camera bag

I usually carry a tripod, a few filters and plenty of batteries in my bag on long-term photography tours. It can sometimes be difficult to predict what will happen when and where. For this reason, I find it useful to be prepared for anything possible.


Wildlife photography has become something new for me as well. For this reason, it would be beneficial to first study what surprises the environment you will photograph is ready for. I tried to do this work a little bit too. Another point is that in wildlife photography, I recommend that the object and subject you photograph be respected and disturbed as little as possible.

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