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Behind The Lens


This is in the small Nebraska town of Greenwood. The rider is Noah a legendary motorcycle enthusiast. Noah has rides and wrenches on every kind of motorcycle known to man.


This is a morning shot in February. Very rare to have the temp warm enough to be on a bike in the midwest.


The lighting is all natural. I was in the right spot to catch him just right as he leaned into the corner.


Canon 5D and a 24-70mm


The lighting was warm and bright enough to capture the movement of the motorcycle rider.


This photo is pretty much as shot.

In my camera bag

5D Mark 3 and 24-70 a 70-200 and a few other lens. I do use a godox of camera strobe a ton.


Lighting is aways so important. Pick the time of day were the sun is low. Have a subject that has cool hair and knows how to ride. Alway take more photos than you think you need. It is nice to capture the one that has the look that catches your eye.

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