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akhtarkhan February 04, 2014
Brilliant composition, beautiful capture.
RobandZetPhotography February 04, 2014
Exceptional Photo. Love the black and white.
Shannan February 04, 2014
Beautiful. Amazing form, captures her beauty.
Etna February 05, 2014
Beautiful shot
Pablo-Klik February 05, 2014
bello modello
semplimente bellisima composizione
scelta eccellente
e davvero un piacere vedere la foto
korinna January 31, 2018

Crazy For You

Woman in a thought provoking sensual attitude and appearance.

Woman in a thought provoking sensual attitude and appearance.
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Behind The Lens

This image was shot in Shady Side, Maryland at a residence on the ocean front.
late morning to early afternoon.
Natural ambient light. There were many windows facing the east allowing the sun to beam into the space. the walls were a neutral light color as well so light was everywhere with very little shadow.
Canon 5D Mark III and primarily my Canon 70-200mm 2.8 and a canon 50mm 1.4
This was kind of a voyeuristic type shoot so at the moment I thought a sultry look might be worth going for. Sometimes you just get a feeling for an image in your minds eye and it works. The model here was very good at pulling off this kind of scene. I think being uninhibited in front of the camera is essential for many great shots. In this particular image she pulled it off very well.
Primarily I just did my usual clean up and a black and white conversion with sepia. Nothing really much as far as post processing.
In my camera bag
Cannon mark III, Canon 70-200mm 2.8, 25-105mm 4.0, 16-35mm 2.8, 50mm 1.4. Extra CF cards, extra camera battery, AA batteries, 600 RT speedlight with gels, Canon ST-E3 for off camera flash, Small 32"light stand, small round collapsible reflector, black foam cards for mini scrims, and I always carry model releases.
Be creative and go with your gut. Trying new idea's are where great things begin to build on. A great subject/ model is 50% of the great image equation. Looking back I now would have liked to mix ambient with flash but my plan was to shoot with just ambient light so I stuck to the plan but it gave me idea's for something new for the future. Always plan and write down your idea's and work your idea. Dedicate your time to perfect the idea and you will learn great things about your potential. Be your own creative source to step into the unexplored. I like to shoot using strobes or speedlights but in this instance I forced myself to shoot without. The result and the experience, I thought, was well worth the effort.

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