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a damselfly sitting on a human hand

a damselfly sitting on a human hand
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People's Choice in Shallow Depth Photo Contest 2023
Honorable Mention in Monthly Pro Photo Contest Volume50
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Pjerry August 26, 2023

Thanks for joining my August 2023 Collection challenge. Good luck with your entry.
gman176 September 02, 2023
Awesome capture! Love those eyes
anneliseworden_0373 October 09, 2023
Wow what a close up. the fly looks like its trying to say hay do you want a high five?
Mrs_G_123 October 12, 2023
Great photo, looks like it's come to say hello!!
cliker October 12, 2023
So cool
triciawagner October 13, 2023
How neat!
CDeschenesPhotography PRO+
CDeschenesPhotography October 22, 2023
Wowwww amazing shot 💕
kitt113 October 25, 2023
thats such a cool shot. the colors are amazing.
Rivertay07 PRO+
Rivertay07 Jan 09
DanRT Platinum
DanRT Jan 10
Great shot. Congrats!
faythmarie Jan 11
PicMoments Jan 11
Congratulations! :-)
gabejohnson Jan 19
Jayfeather8 Feb 26
That’s amazing! Is it just me that’s reminded of the dragonfly from dolittle?
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Behind The Lens


I took this photo in Northern India where I was traveling with Dheerendra Singh Chahar (you can see his hand), who is a specialist and knows every dragonfly or damselfly in India. Actually he wrote a book about it. We saw 31 different species in 3 days. It was so much fun, so amazing.


It was in the early afternoon on a very cloudy, humid day.


Well, somebody had played with my camera and changed the ISO setting. This photo was taken with an ISO of 4000. I never do that. But given the high ISO the photo turned out quite clear. A shutter of 1/3200 helped, of course.


I used a Nikon D5, no flash, no tripod.


I love damsel- and dragonflies. They are among the oldest living creatures in evolution. Their flying technique is so unique and skilled. As raptors they have a much higher success rate than lions or cheetah. They catch their prey with a 90 % success rate, I read somewhere. And they are so beautiful.


I used the sharpening function in lightroom a little.

In my camera bag

I carry my Nikon D5 and a Leica Mono at times. I do not use zoom lenses so much, mostly fixed focus lenses (from macro up to 600 mm), which very often requires a tripod.


Well, for dragonfly photography it helps to understand, how they behave. It is fun to watch them for a while. Some of them return all the time to the same place, which makes it easier to take a picture. Some of them fly around all the time. Eventually, however, they will rest for a moment. I sometimes try to convince them to sit on my fingert, to shake hands with me. If one moves slowly toward them, that very often works. They do not live very long. During the summer time one can see different species almost every week. They really like it hot, they like the sunlight.

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